Monday, 2 February 2015


Hi my dears!

Would the world be a better place if we were entitled to have a mandatory shopping day a week?

It should work as a subscription service, just once a week, we should be provided with gift cards, childcare for mums and husbands/ boyfriends/ partners etc- care and that's it, free to go!

The first politician that promises me this will have my vote guarantee!

This is what I was thinking two weeks ago when I went to London all by myself, no Precious Baby, no Perfect Husband, no Adorable Dog, just me me and only me: heaven on earth.

The reason for me going was to see the latest production of "Cats" at the Palladium Theatre, with the amazing Nicole Sherzinger as Grizabella. 

The show was magical, it doesn't really surprise me it's the most famous musical on the planet and Nicole, well, let me tell you she reduced me to tears every time she sang.

When I booked my train tickets I made sure to have few spare hours for some retail therapy, a relaxing lunch and some long walks to relax.

I had to narrow down the list of places I wanted to go, too much choice and too little time, so I only went for shops/ brands we do not have here in Manchester.

My only regret was not been able to visit the "Designer Exchange" shop, I got lost looking for it and I didn't have the time to go at the end.

First stop was Harrods, were I got this absolutely gorgeous Aerin Palette, reduced to 22.5 pounds, an absolute bargain considering the original price was 45.

Aerin is synonimous of efoortless luxury and the make up has always proven to be excellent quality.

The shades in the palette are perfect for an everyday used and the dark purple gel liner is the cherry on top of the cake.

After lusting over 4567designer bag I will never be able to afford, I left Harrods to visit a shop I was looking forward to explore: And Other Stories.

This brand is part of the HM family and shows contemporary designs at a slightly higher price tag than HM.

I was extremely lucky to find half of the shop still full with sale items, with discounts up to 70% off.
Enter the haul please!

Green mint silk dress with graphic prints: if you put all these words together, I have to buy it.
I was captured by the original print and its soft fabric.

Very similar design and same adorable silk made me want to buy this A line skirt, that I am already loving with a denim skirt and loose boots.

This is the only item I could find a link for you on the website in the sale section, here is it if you are interested.

You know what I love more about the dress and the skirt? The fact they have both got pockets, yay!

Last but not least, I never miss a chance to buy a simple, plain, loose cream blouse.

I wear these with everything and most of all with a lot of jewellery and jeans.

All these 3 items where about 50 quids in total, ah the sale season, what a joy!

My next stops were the Pixi shop in Carnaby street, where I finally bought the Pixi Glow Tonic and the Kiko shop in regent Road, where I got few bits from the sales.

I will write separates posts about these so stay tuned for more about it.

I hope you liked what I got and most of all, I hope I will be able to do this again very soon.

Have a nice week people!


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