Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Damn it!

Once again I find myself without a present for Valentine Day for that marvellous man that is my Perfect Husband.

It's not my fault (of course): this time I have got somebody to blame in the form of the bloody chicken pox that my Precious Baby caught in nursery.

My life has been basically miserable in the past two weeks and the fact this laptop keeps playing up made even shopping online the last thing I wanted to do at night time.

If you are in this same situation, this post may help you a little bit.

The first destination of our virtual shopping spree is Dalvey.

This company was founded in Scotland llooooongg time ago and it's nowadays a safe destination for men clothing and accessories of a certain quality.

I love this brand because of the very elegant and accurate manufacture of every single product.

It doesn't matter if it's a shirt, a tie, a watch, a perfume: everything looks exquisitely chosen, with that tailor made feeling.

Ok it's not the cheapest of the shops, but you can still find good deals on the shirts or during the sales and I never failed to impress with whatever I bought from Dalvey.

I normally go to the store in Deansgate, Manchester, but there is a very handy on line shopping service if you don't leave nearby any shop.

If you have a look or a browse around, you will be able to appreciate the pretty impressive variety of items available, shirts, ties, jackets, suits, socks, perfumes, name it, sure they sell it and it's not stuff that you can find around other shops.

Second stop has to be, of course, Selfridges.

Nobody can leave that place without a little yellow bag, I am telling you and I bet 99% of you have already picked up the ideal present for your sweet Valentine there already.

There are millions of options, I just wanted to share with you what caught my eyes on the press material I got.

I bet the three of them would make an excellent San Valentine day.

Any more advice for Valentine gifts?


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