Monday, 1 December 2014


Hello my dear readers!

In my latest post  I took you all with shopping for my perfect party dress for what was gonna be for me, probably the best event of the year.

I showed you all the outfits I tried and, if you know me well, I am pretty sure you already guessed which one was the "chosen one".

The more I was reading and talking with the other girls, the more I was getting excited about the glamorous night that was gonna come.

We were talking about being treated with a five star make over, with make up and hair done by pro artists, the famous illustrator Dom&Ink was gonna be there for us to do our sketches and canapes and drinks served just to fuel the party, where everybody was gonna show THE DRESS!

Unfortunately things, well, they don't always go as they should.

I had to rush back to Italy due to a very important family matter on that same day, so, I missed the party.

I was in bed checking all the Arndale's social medias and my bloggers friends Instagram and Twitter profiles to see what was going on during the night.

I want anyway to show you my dress, it will be, for this very unlucky blogger, a way to join the missed event!

C'mon it is:

It had to be this!

It's the perfect party dress, it's a fusion of all the latest key trends, the lace, the sequins, the edgy but elegant cut.

Wear it with heels, it's an elegant choice, mix it with biker boots, it's Kate Moss style all over again.

Now, if you want to join the party, you can and you could actually be so lucky to win a £100 gift card to spend in the Arndale, for your Christmas shopping or, better, for your party look!

On the night, a specially selected Jury, the blogger Victoria, Emily Heward from the Manchester Evening News and a member of the Arndale team, proclaimed the ultimate 10 party outfits.

All you need to do is the click here to vote for your favourite look in between the 10 finalists.

I am voting for the stunning, unique and stylish outfit wore by Irena, look number five, from Warehouse.

Which one are you voting for??


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