Monday, 24 November 2014


Hello Everybody!

Unless you live on the moon, you know which season is this right? No, it's not just Christmas, it's PARTY SEASON!!!

I bet we are all there, browsing catalogues, magazines, online shopping websites, challenging our stylish self to find the perfect party frock for the most festive holidays of the year!

In the past two years, my "party dress radar" was completely offline, thanks to being 7 months pregnant first and far too overweight then. It has been a serious case of Asda novelty jumper and jeans..I still have nightmares about it and every single photographic evidence has been destroyed.

This year, well, I am, more or less, back in shape and it looks like my shopping is gonna be very special thanks, once again, to Manchester's fashion beating heart also known as Arndale.

The guys there have some serious plans with the event every Manchester's Blogger is talking about: The After Dark Event!

Basically, it works like that: each blogger has been assigned to a retailer present in the mall and has been kindly given a gift card to buy the perfect party dress.

On the 27th of November, after having our make up and hair done, all the chosen dresses will be unveiled and a special jury will decide pick the 10 most stylish outfit that will be displayed in the Arndale and there will be a competition for all the visitors to choose the best dress and win it!

It really sounds amazing to me, but it just got better and better when I found out my allocated retailer was NEXT (*insert applause please*) !!!

So, last Sunday, me and Michelle went to the Arndale with our special party outfit mission!

I was introduced by Next's personal shoppers into the dedicated changing rooms where I started to try all the clothes I had previously picked on the shop floor and, believe me, this was not easy at all: the selection of nice dresses is impressive, had it been for me, well, I would have probably spend all the week end there!

I am gonna show you everything I tried on (with all the links to Next website)...but I will not tell you which one I choose at the end!

That is gonna be a surprise I will unveil on the night of the After Dark event!


....and after.

Some of the accessories I was given to try with the outfits.

 The Berry Lace Playsuit

Simple lace can turn into something very special and sophisticated with the right flattering design and this sultry colour.

The Navy Lace V Neck Dress

The design of this dress is so beautiful once tried on and the midi length and the dark navy colour make it very posh and elegant.

The Premium Sequin Maxi Dress

Move over Angelina, there are new legs waiting to be showed, this dress screams red carpet like no others...and did you see the back??

The Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt and the Embellished Hem Sweater

Any SATC fan will love this outfit. You seriously need to go in store and try the skirt, it's the most comfortable material ever and fits beautifully every shape.

The Metallic Bronze Skinny Jeans and the Fake Fur Cape

I felt a lot "Anna from the block" with this and I bet you have never seen a cape like that before.

The Stripe Sequin Dress

Sequin, lace, metallic, this dress it's a party itself!

Now, tell me, which one do you think I got???



  1. I think you will have either gone for the maxi dress or the last dress xxx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. my lips are sealed..but stay tuned to find out which one I got at the end!


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