Sunday, 5 October 2014


On the scariest night of the year, it can happen that Alice in Wonderland's story takes a creepy and unexpected twist (insert scary music here).

It can happen that poor Alice, trying to run after the White Rabbit, dies falling down the hole in the field and now, she is out there, seeking for revenge....

This poor angelic blonde girl will rest in peace only after testing the Rabbit's blood...

Hope you will find some inspiration from this post, I went to an Halloween party and actually won the best costume of the night with it!

Here and here some useful youtube tutorials about the make up, I did a little mix in between the two of them.

The previous year I dressed up as a very scary Minnie Mouse, check that out if you fancy!

Dress and socks: ebay
Wig: fancy dress shop
Teeth: poundshop 


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