Sunday, 12 October 2014


Ahhh Selfridges you have done it again.

After being kindly invited to your AW14 Fashion Showcase, I have got an endless wish list.

The even, organised by store manager Jane Sharrocks, was held last week in the Exchange Square shop in Manchester, where all the fashion pack and few celebrities gather together to admire some of the most famous brands purposals for this coming season.

It was a very well organised event, with nibbles and drinks served all night long, live DJ setting and professional photographers snapping pictures all around.

The best part of the night was, of course, the fashion show itself, with a catwalk situated in the middle of the newly renovated menswear floor, with the models coming down from the escalators.

The outfits were what you expect from Selfridges: the quintessential of modern style, wearable looks together with luxury party frocks, mixing styles and textures.

My fave picks of the night?

Well this cream lace dress, that had me dreaming of being a princess....

...and for an everyday outfit I would totally go for something like this one.

After the fashion show we were left to go around the shop to browse the new collections, drooling over what I would like to see in my wardrobe.


Enjoy some picture and let me know what you would like to buy!

Ferragamo shoes

Jimmy Choo

Vivienne Westwood melissa (soon on my feet, I am telling you)


Thursday, 9 October 2014


Hello gorgeous!

The very last thing you want to happen when you are having dinner with your friends in one of the most exclusive hotel in town, is to be interrupted by an atrocious scream coming from a man that dies just in front of you.

This is exactly what happened when me and other Manchester bloggers were invited to a very intriguing (and delicious) "Murder Mystery" dinner night organised by BGO, an online gaming company.

The poor Sir John was there, stone cold, dead and we really did not know what to do when, surprise surprise, the living legend Sherlock Holmes entered inside the room, followed by the smart police officer P.C.World, to announce the terrible truth: Sir John had been murdered.

Now, it was pretty clear Sir Holmes wasn't the one who was gonna solve the case, it was his day off you see and he had clearly been spending it at the bar; it was on us, ALL ON US, to look for justice for the poor Sir John.

Three tables, three teams with one only question: who was the murderer?

We were given an "evidence file" a list of profiles of the victim's closer family and friends, some questions slips, plus few forensics, criminal checks and pocket search request forms.

We asked, searched pockets, we looked for fingerprints on glass, looking for answers into the most private details of the suspects lives.

At the end, all the evidences brought my team to one person, one guilty person that could have been the only one to commit the terrible homicide: the verdict was there, ready to be handled to Sherlock Holmes and P.C.World.

We were asked to leave the room, dress like the suspects and re enter the room and recreate the terrible scene of the murder and YES! We were right!

Me and my team won a well deserved bottle of Champagne!

It was one of the funniest night out I have ever had and you can read more about it on the BGO website, were you can find out about the launch of their new game called, have a guess,  "Murder Mystery".

Thank you so much to BGO for having me, thank you Shaun for the invite, thanks to Reinassance Hotel for the hospitality, the food and some great mirrors for us selfie obsessed bloggers.

Now I have to go, time to look for another murder mystery night somewhere, I am hooked now.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Ebay has always been a place full of surprising bargains, disappointing bidding wars and, more  recently, the only place where I can buy my beloved Juicy Couture jewellery.

Today I want to share with you some of the things I bought in the past year that have been proven to be excellent choices.

I am afraid I cannot provide all the links related to these items, everything has been purchased quite a while ago, but I promise I will update this page if I find the missing ones.

Here we go then..

The Flower kabuki brush


Soft, doesn't shed, nice little brush I like to display on my vanity table.
Has been used and washed several time with no problems, it's always there, same shape and consistency. Purchase of this is highly recommended and I have got the link for this one here!

The pink faux leather foldable ottoman

Since moving house I am obsessed with having all my bags and shoes and accessories in general quite organised and this double ottoman has done a good job to keep my boots from being all over the floor.

It's stylish, easy to assemble, it's cheap's pink!

The good thing is that if one day I will not need it anymore, it will be easy to fold it back and put it away.

Here is the link for you, where you will find different colours available.

The Marni for H&M sequin collar

The Marni collaboration for H&M has been so far my favourite, I got a lot when it came out and I keep looking for bits on ebay or second hand shop.

I won this on a very lucky (for me) auction where I paid only £10 for it.

The "I wish it was Chanel but of course is not" jumper

I bumped into this sweater looking for something totally different and I really did not think twice before buying it, considering it was something more than £15.

The statement earrings

There hasn't been a time that I did wear these earrings without receiving lots of compliments.

These have been my every day earrings last summer, bright jewellery and tanned skin always work well together.

I cannot find the link for these but if you type "statement earrings" in the search box you will probably be lucky and find something similar.

The statement necklace

This necklace is very very similar to a Zara one seen in store last season, but came at a fraction of the price. If you like this kind of jewellery like I do, well, ebay is the best place to shop and, good news, I have got the link!

Hope you enjoy this post and please, feel free to share with me which is your favourite ebay purchase, I am always hunting for new bargain!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


On the scariest night of the year, it can happen that Alice in Wonderland's story takes a creepy and unexpected twist (insert scary music here).

It can happen that poor Alice, trying to run after the White Rabbit, dies falling down the hole in the field and now, she is out there, seeking for revenge....

This poor angelic blonde girl will rest in peace only after testing the Rabbit's blood...

Hope you will find some inspiration from this post, I went to an Halloween party and actually won the best costume of the night with it!

Here and here some useful youtube tutorials about the make up, I did a little mix in between the two of them.

The previous year I dressed up as a very scary Minnie Mouse, check that out if you fancy!

Dress and socks: ebay
Wig: fancy dress shop
Teeth: poundshop 

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