Sunday, 14 September 2014


When my blogger pal Irena invited me to be her +1 to a make up masterclass I was head over heels.

I mean, I am a make up addicted after all and having a proper masterclass looks even better than browsing around counters and swatching lipsticks on the hand.

When I received the invite and read who was the MUA of the night, well that was the cherry on top of the cake!

I am pretty sure you have all heard of Cassie Lomas, she is a big name especially here in Manchester, thanks to her make up school and her celebrities packed portfolio.

The event was held in Superdrug in the Arndale (that is basically my second home considering the time I spend there) and was organised by B. Make up and Skincare range which is exclusive to Superdrug.

I have always been quite curious about this brand, when it first came out (something more than a year ago I think) I bought one of the creamy eyeshadows and I was quite happy with the quality, considering that the prices are very purse friendly.

When we got there everything was ready for our lesson, with big tables, mirrors, face charts, brushes and most of all, all the make up needed for the look Cassie, B.Make up ambassador, was gonna show us.

It is now pretty clear to me why Cassie is such a name in the industry.

Armed with a head microphone, she performed a fantastic live tutorial, showing us how to recreate the look she was doing on the model, explaining every single aspect of the products, the techniques, the little tricks and even the most common errors to avoid.

I felt like I was back at uni, writing my notes on the chart, trying not to miss a single word and in the same time, I was doing my make up!

I was so brave to take off all my make up (yes this is bravery for me) so I could follow Cassie's lesson in the best way.

We talked skin complexion, brows, contouring, eyeshadows, liner and lips, all using B. products, that were then kindly given to us at the end.

Now, a little bit more about the brand.

First of all, B. Skincare and Make up range is cruelty free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and parabens free.

All the products want to be easy to use, effective and on trend.

I have visited the B. stand few times and to be honest, it always gave me the idea of a pretty clean and neat display of make up and skincare with no gimmicks or faff around.

After using what we were given at the masterclass, I am even more convinced about good quality delivered at a reasonable price; consider that an eyeshaodos quad is £6.99 and a lipstick is £7.99.

Some of the products have become staples in my everyday make up, those kind of must have that you wonder why you haven't tried it before.

This is the final look of the model that night...

Do you wanna see what I have done and read a step by step tutorial?

Stay tuned till the next post and you'll be Selfie Ready too!


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