Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Hello my gorgeous readers.

Despite wishing in an indian summer and some last warm days, we have to admit autumn is here.

Life is not easy out there, the shops are full with new collections, bloggers, magazines and tv adverts are doing, so far, a pretty good job to make me want to go a bit crazy with the shopping.

I am trying to be a good girl this year, I want to buy only what I know I will wear for more than a season and for an everyday use really, since Precious Baby has been in my life, gone are the party days (p.s. expect depop or blogsale soon, I have got so many nice dresses looking for a new home!).

Where do we start to buy easy and cheap bits?

What a question, in Primark!

Are you ready? Help yourself a cup of tea if you like, cos this is gonna be a long one.

I am gonna start with the item I love more, the gold short sleeves jumper..

This jumper was bought in the Selfridges counter, it's a golden painted wool jumper, so soft and warm you really won't believe it's Primark.

It is as gold as it looks like, I hope to see more shades in the future, like a bronze colour maybe?

I cannot recall the price but I believe it was about £12.

I have been wearing it with black skinny jeans and with a white long sleeves shirt underneath or with normal denim pants and my leopard topshop shoes for a easier look.

Let's move on to the dresses, yes I got few wool and knitted dresses, I apologise once again, I forgot the prices but it was something like £10/£14.

I got one last year and I have used it to the point I had to get rid of it cos I was bored of seeing it.

It's just a bloody practical love affair, a pair of tights, boots, a big chunky necklace and I am ready to go.

I got two simple skater styles, one in pink and one in blue with white stripes..but I am secretly considering going back to get the grey one, looks like a good mach for my black hair and usual red/pink lipstick isn't it?

I then saw a more elaborated one and I was caught by the pattern of this burgundy piece..in the basked, pronto.

I have got a thing for shift dresses, maybe because I hate bodycon with all my heart, maybe because this shape is very kind to disguise some unwanted kilos, anyway, I bagged these two dresses, priced £10 each.

The blue one has been already worn several times with blue leggings and my red Michael Kors flat shoes.

The second one has got this kind of floral/geometric pattern that kind of remind me of one of the Marni for H&M collection dresses (a collection that I regularly stalk ebay for).

Wearing a skater or a pleated skirt in Manchester can be quite tricky, thanks to the very common cold wind we have got here, so a structured neoprene skirt can be quite useful to avoid Marylin's situations; if the mentioned skirt is bright yellow and it's only £12, well it deserves a place in my wardrobe.

Have you spotted these soft wool joggers around? I have seen them in Zara, H&M and online and once I tried them I couldn't say no,  only £7 and for once fashion is comfortable..

I want to pair these with black ankle boots or patent heels and a white shirt and of course a big big necklace (it's an addiction people, I know).

Talking about necklaces, it has been difficult in the past month to pay a visit to Primark without ending up buying a necklace, there are so many good pieces and this one is the latest I got from the limited edition range for about £10.

I have been wearing it with the gold jumper shown before and it's the perfect match.

Now I want a big round of applause for this new range of lounge wear...HARRY POTTER!!!!!

I am a massive HP's fan, I would kill to have some more books from the series written by JK Rowling, in the meantime, I got these...

The t shirt is £5, bottom and sweater are £8 each;  Griffondor always and forever!!

If now you are wondering when this haul is gonna finish, well, answer is "not now" cos I managed to get some good pieces from the summer sales too!

Enter the orange floral dress, that I am totally gonna wear for autumn aswell, with my long gray cardigan and my black Givenchy-esque boots.

£5 well spent.

Another two things I picked up from the £5 rail were this printed roses tunic and a denim playsuit.

I liked the detail of the black ribbon at the back and the bold print of the tunic and I already figure how I am gonna wear the playsuit, with a red belt, flat sandals and have a guess? yes you got it, a statement necklace.

Last but not least, the floral playsuit and the printed chino pants!

Despite being from the summer collection these were not reduced, I believe both have been quite successful, so I paid £15 for the jumpsuit and £10 for the trousers.

I wore the trousers today with a black long sleeve blouse, I like the cut and the fit and of course the pink abstract print.

Hope you like my haul, is there anything you bought recently you want to share?

I am curious!



  1. Una collana così bella a 10£?!*_*
    Qui di simili ne ho viste solo da Zara per almeno 25€ -_- considerando che la metterei due volte e basta (conosco bene la sottelencata polla!) non mi va di spenderci così tanto >_<
    Mi toccherà tornare in UK, CHE PECCATO :D

    1. no lascia perdere Zara, se non hai a disposizione un primark da svaligiare (c'e' in Belgio?) rifugiati online, ebay sovrano per le statement necklaces!


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