Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hello my darlings,

in the 394959 press releases and advertisement we all receive there are some news I really want to share with you all, cos they really look interesting!

Let's start with Shu Uemura, that launched a new website for its flagship store situated in 15 Manmouth Street, Covent Garden, London.

Here is the link and you will find all the informations, events, make up classes, shopping and services available if you are planning a visit in the capital..or you just love Shu like I do.

Am I the only one that is waiting for the notorious Choupette collection?

Are you a fan of the Clarisonic?

I am, so the release of three new brush heads is more than intriguing for me and my skin.
The Luxe High Performance Brush Heads have got tapered filaments and are addressed to sensitive skin without any risk of irritation.

With names like "Satin Precision", "Cashmere Cleanse" and "Velvet Foam" they are of course already on my wishlist.

163 years and still effective and innovative, ah if only men could be like Kiehl's!

The brand launched the "Skin Edition", a service available in all the shops/ counters that provides an overview of all the most iconic and effective products of the brand, a "skincare wardrobe" that can be tailored to suit the costumers special needs, thanks to the one to one consultations.

Put this date on the diary, because on the 25th of September uber cool beauty writer Sali Huges will be in Selfridges Trafford Centre for the Perfecting Beauty Event, talking about make up, skincare and latest trends.

There will be four live tutorials about lips, foundation and brushes, serum and oils and eyes and brows.

Sali's new book, Pretty Honest: The straight-talking Beauty Companion will be available to purchase on the night and she will sign the copies too.

All around the shops there will be demonstrations, make over, champagne and chocolate, music and a instagram postation where to print your snaps of the night.

Tickets are £10 redeemable on every purchase and 3 mini products will be your gwp when you spend more than £75.

I am gutted I cannot make this one cos I will be in Madrid, finger crossed there will be another one soon.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Hello my fashion addicted friends,

it looks like, from now on, our designer dreams will come true..a little bit cheaper.

A couple of weeks ago, in the heart of our Manchester, a new pre-loved designer bags boutique called Designer Exchange, has opened its door and, of course, I was there.

I always look for second hand designer bags and accessories on ebay or other website, but it's quite hard to trust sellers these days so the idea of having a proper shop where I can see and touch with hands it's much better than browsing pictures on a computer screen.

The concept of the shop is very easy: you can buy designer bags that have been used for a cheaper price than the "brand new" price tag, you can sell your bags or you can exchange them when you buy another bag.

The brands are the big ones, we are talking Chanel, Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Mulberry, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Cartier, Burberry and...wait for it...HERMES!

Yes, you heard me well, those Kellys and Birkins we are used to see just on pictures at the arms of celebrities are now available to see, to try and if you are lucky, to buy!

There is a small selection of accessories available, like small purses, wallets and belts.

When I visited the shop I was overwhelmed by the amount of bags, the neat display on the selves and the helpful and friendly staff.

I was explained how does the exchange work, something I am interested in doing soon with a couple of designer bags I don't really use.

Every piece is guarantee 100% original and was quite easy to understand these people know what are they talking about.

Unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures inside the shop (the ones you see are taken from the outside), but I can tell you that I spotted two Kellys, Three Birkins, a Vuitton Speedy, a limited edition Kusama for Vuitton Alma verins and the famous perfume bottle shaped Chanel bag.

All the bags I have seen were in excellent condition despite being pre-loved.

The price of a bag (that you are buying, selling or exchanging) depends on few factors as the conditions of the material, if it's a vintage piece etc.

Just to give you an idea, the Vuitton Speedy I saw was £350.

I have bought pre-loved designer bags before (my wonderful Fendi Peek-a-Boo) and to be honest, I find it a good way to save some buy another one of course!

If you like luxury handbags I strongly recommend you to pay this place a visit, you may find  the bag of your dreams at a price that make it finally come that dream true.

The shop is located inside the Royal Exchange in the city centre and if you want to be updated with the latest arrive I think it's a good idea to follow them on Instagram, TwitterFacebook or to have a look at their website.

The Designer Exchange is in London Knightsbridge too and I believe will soon be in Birmingham.

I wonder if the poor people that work there know I will become a constant stalker of that shop...

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Here we are with the part two of my "Be Selfie Ready" make up masterclass I attended in Superdrug in Manchester Arndale, with the super talented Cassie Lomas.

As you can see I did my homeworks and I wrote all the tips and tricks on the face chart.

I want to share with you everything I learnt on the day, talk a bit about the products I was given and show you the final look.

First thing, we did the base using the B. Confident CC cream (sorry but I cannot find the link), where CC stands for Colour Correction.

I am MAC nc30 and the shade medium was the right match.

This CC cream blends nicely, doesn't give an high coverage really but evens out the complexion without looking cakey and has got a always very appreciated SPF 45.

I applied it with a foundation brush starting from the centre of the face, blending it towards the sides, to avoid make up in the hair line caused by an overloaded brush.

Second step was what everybody was waiting for: Contouring!!!

Don't tell me you have not tried, at least once, to play with highlighter and bronzer to get some serious sculpted cheekbones.

The B.Sculpted Contour Kit (£10.49) was a true revelation for me.

It's a duo palette containing a matte bronzing powder and a creamy highlighter that you will use like this:
  • With a small round brush take a bit of bronzing powder, pat it on your hand to remove the excess and then sweep it , with circular motions, from the centre of the earlobe towards the ideal line that goes from the end of the eyebrows to the jaw line
  • to make your nose look shorter, apply a bit of bronzing powder at the end of the tip, to make it look smaller, apply it at the side of the bridge
  • with a pencil brush, blend the powder into the crease to have more definition
  • with a powder brush, sweep the powder under the jaw line to mask the excess of skin under the chin
  •  blend the powder over the temples and at the corners of the forehead
  • with your finger or with a small fluffy brush (I use a duo fiber one) apply the cream highlighter on  the bridge of the nose, on the cupid bow, on top of the cheekbones in a triangle shape and in the centre of the forehead
  • mix it with the concealer to mask dark under eye areas

Looks complicated, well, it is not really, if I did it, believe me you can, eventually dear old you tube will provide 394858730 tutorials about contouring; this one is the one I prefer.

The sculpting powder is quite amazing, it blends really well, does not create patches after few hours like other powders I have tried and is 100% matte.

The cream highlighter is quite dense and thick so I had to learn how much of it was necessary and how to blend it without messing with the powder already applied.

I don't personally like palettes with creamy products and powder together because it's quite easy to pass the powder onto the cream pot by sweeping the brush, but this compact has got a little plastic film to avoid this, very clever B. guys well done!

I used the kit in medium, but there are two more options available, light and dark.

Now, let's talk brows.

I am not a big fan of the now so fashioned bushy brows a la Cara but I always comb them and fill the gaps created by years and years of not so gentle use of tweezers.

If I could choose, in between all the products we have been given, which one to keep, I would definitely choose this.

The B Defined Brow Kit (£8.49) is a little gem you really need to discover.

It contains 2 brow colours, a waxy brow setting gel a cream highlighter and a dual applicator with angled brush and a comb.

There are two shades available, Light and Dark.

Here is Cassie's step by step tutorial:
  • comb the brow upwards to lift the eye and then, with small strokes, apply the wax that will work as a glue for the powder
  • use the angle brush to apply the powder, always directing it upwards following the arch
  • comb afterwards for a softer look
  • pat a bit of the highlighter onto the brow bone

I have done some serious disaster with other eyebrows kits, that's why I appreciate the soft but not sticky wax, the natural colour of the powders and the light shimmering of the highligther.

Compared to other expensive kits I have seen around ( cough *HD brows* cough), this is so easy to use and so cheap!

 Eyes on me now, my dear readers.

The dominant shade of the collection is the green and the first thing I saw Cassie using was the B. Stunning Vibrant Eye Shimmer in Tropic (3.49 at the moment).

I used a couple of these little pots  before and I can recommend you to have a play with these next time you pop in Superdrug.

The texture is half way in between a mousse and a cream eyeshadow, with an extraordinary colour pay off.

This particular shade is a bright minty green with a bit of shimmer, that I applied with my finger tips patting it downwards ( to not mess with the eyebrows) on the lid, layer after layer thanks to the fact the intensity it's quite buildable.

At this point I used the B. Complete Limited Edition Eyeshadow in Pop (£3.49 at the moment) that contains a creamy primer and 3 pots of matt pastel colours, a deep rose, a minty green (very similar to the Vibrant Eye Shimmer) and a blue.

With a dump brush (I sprayed a bit of Mac fix plus on a flat eyeshadow brush) I applied the green shade all over the lid and the blue one in the outer corner, using a small pencil brush.

I have used all the eyeshadows few times and I suggest you to always use a primer, to make the colour stand out and resist a bit longer.

After the contouring part, what I was looking forward to see was Cassie working her magics for the ultimate eyeliner flick and I was not disappointed.

We used the B. Precise Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Black (£6.99) that comes with a very handy liner brush.

This is how Cassie showed us to use it:

  • Starting from the outer edge of the lashes, proceed towards the inside
  • stop halfway through
  • start again from the inside towards the outer corner to complete the line
  • go all over the line to correct and define it
  • trace the flick from where you want your flick to end downwards
  • thicken the line to connect the flick to the rest of it
  • use the eyeliner in the upper and lower waterline smudging it with some black eyeshadow powder to soften the line and make it last longer. 

Compared to other gel liners I have tried, this one has got a more matt finish (Love!!!) and doesn't, thanks God, transfer to the lid.

It looks to me it has got a drier consistency so you will have to damp the brush in the pot few times during the application.

Last but not least, the lipstick!!!

With all that colour on the eyes, the lips are quite natural and soft with the B. Rich Intense Moisturising Colour Lipstick in Breeze (£7.99), a very wearable peachy-pink hue.

 It has got a very rich texture but it doesn't feel sticky at all.

This are the details from my make up, hope you will enjoy it!

At the moment there are some good offers on B. make up in Superdrug, if you buy two items, the second one is half price, so it may be a good idea to check some of these products out.

I would recommend you the eyebrows kit and the sculpting duo!

Now it's really time to go to bed, Good Night my dears!

Sunday, 14 September 2014


When my blogger pal Irena invited me to be her +1 to a make up masterclass I was head over heels.

I mean, I am a make up addicted after all and having a proper masterclass looks even better than browsing around counters and swatching lipsticks on the hand.

When I received the invite and read who was the MUA of the night, well that was the cherry on top of the cake!

I am pretty sure you have all heard of Cassie Lomas, she is a big name especially here in Manchester, thanks to her make up school and her celebrities packed portfolio.

The event was held in Superdrug in the Arndale (that is basically my second home considering the time I spend there) and was organised by B. Make up and Skincare range which is exclusive to Superdrug.

I have always been quite curious about this brand, when it first came out (something more than a year ago I think) I bought one of the creamy eyeshadows and I was quite happy with the quality, considering that the prices are very purse friendly.

When we got there everything was ready for our lesson, with big tables, mirrors, face charts, brushes and most of all, all the make up needed for the look Cassie, B.Make up ambassador, was gonna show us.

It is now pretty clear to me why Cassie is such a name in the industry.

Armed with a head microphone, she performed a fantastic live tutorial, showing us how to recreate the look she was doing on the model, explaining every single aspect of the products, the techniques, the little tricks and even the most common errors to avoid.

I felt like I was back at uni, writing my notes on the chart, trying not to miss a single word and in the same time, I was doing my make up!

I was so brave to take off all my make up (yes this is bravery for me) so I could follow Cassie's lesson in the best way.

We talked skin complexion, brows, contouring, eyeshadows, liner and lips, all using B. products, that were then kindly given to us at the end.

Now, a little bit more about the brand.

First of all, B. Skincare and Make up range is cruelty free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and parabens free.

All the products want to be easy to use, effective and on trend.

I have visited the B. stand few times and to be honest, it always gave me the idea of a pretty clean and neat display of make up and skincare with no gimmicks or faff around.

After using what we were given at the masterclass, I am even more convinced about good quality delivered at a reasonable price; consider that an eyeshaodos quad is £6.99 and a lipstick is £7.99.

Some of the products have become staples in my everyday make up, those kind of must have that you wonder why you haven't tried it before.

This is the final look of the model that night...

Do you wanna see what I have done and read a step by step tutorial?

Stay tuned till the next post and you'll be Selfie Ready too!


Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Hello my gorgeous readers.

Despite wishing in an indian summer and some last warm days, we have to admit autumn is here.

Life is not easy out there, the shops are full with new collections, bloggers, magazines and tv adverts are doing, so far, a pretty good job to make me want to go a bit crazy with the shopping.

I am trying to be a good girl this year, I want to buy only what I know I will wear for more than a season and for an everyday use really, since Precious Baby has been in my life, gone are the party days (p.s. expect depop or blogsale soon, I have got so many nice dresses looking for a new home!).

Where do we start to buy easy and cheap bits?

What a question, in Primark!

Are you ready? Help yourself a cup of tea if you like, cos this is gonna be a long one.

I am gonna start with the item I love more, the gold short sleeves jumper..

This jumper was bought in the Selfridges counter, it's a golden painted wool jumper, so soft and warm you really won't believe it's Primark.

It is as gold as it looks like, I hope to see more shades in the future, like a bronze colour maybe?

I cannot recall the price but I believe it was about £12.

I have been wearing it with black skinny jeans and with a white long sleeves shirt underneath or with normal denim pants and my leopard topshop shoes for a easier look.

Let's move on to the dresses, yes I got few wool and knitted dresses, I apologise once again, I forgot the prices but it was something like £10/£14.

I got one last year and I have used it to the point I had to get rid of it cos I was bored of seeing it.

It's just a bloody practical love affair, a pair of tights, boots, a big chunky necklace and I am ready to go.

I got two simple skater styles, one in pink and one in blue with white stripes..but I am secretly considering going back to get the grey one, looks like a good mach for my black hair and usual red/pink lipstick isn't it?

I then saw a more elaborated one and I was caught by the pattern of this burgundy the basked, pronto.

I have got a thing for shift dresses, maybe because I hate bodycon with all my heart, maybe because this shape is very kind to disguise some unwanted kilos, anyway, I bagged these two dresses, priced £10 each.

The blue one has been already worn several times with blue leggings and my red Michael Kors flat shoes.

The second one has got this kind of floral/geometric pattern that kind of remind me of one of the Marni for H&M collection dresses (a collection that I regularly stalk ebay for).

Wearing a skater or a pleated skirt in Manchester can be quite tricky, thanks to the very common cold wind we have got here, so a structured neoprene skirt can be quite useful to avoid Marylin's situations; if the mentioned skirt is bright yellow and it's only £12, well it deserves a place in my wardrobe.

Have you spotted these soft wool joggers around? I have seen them in Zara, H&M and online and once I tried them I couldn't say no,  only £7 and for once fashion is comfortable..

I want to pair these with black ankle boots or patent heels and a white shirt and of course a big big necklace (it's an addiction people, I know).

Talking about necklaces, it has been difficult in the past month to pay a visit to Primark without ending up buying a necklace, there are so many good pieces and this one is the latest I got from the limited edition range for about £10.

I have been wearing it with the gold jumper shown before and it's the perfect match.

Now I want a big round of applause for this new range of lounge wear...HARRY POTTER!!!!!

I am a massive HP's fan, I would kill to have some more books from the series written by JK Rowling, in the meantime, I got these...

The t shirt is £5, bottom and sweater are £8 each;  Griffondor always and forever!!

If now you are wondering when this haul is gonna finish, well, answer is "not now" cos I managed to get some good pieces from the summer sales too!

Enter the orange floral dress, that I am totally gonna wear for autumn aswell, with my long gray cardigan and my black Givenchy-esque boots.

£5 well spent.

Another two things I picked up from the £5 rail were this printed roses tunic and a denim playsuit.

I liked the detail of the black ribbon at the back and the bold print of the tunic and I already figure how I am gonna wear the playsuit, with a red belt, flat sandals and have a guess? yes you got it, a statement necklace.

Last but not least, the floral playsuit and the printed chino pants!

Despite being from the summer collection these were not reduced, I believe both have been quite successful, so I paid £15 for the jumpsuit and £10 for the trousers.

I wore the trousers today with a black long sleeve blouse, I like the cut and the fit and of course the pink abstract print.

Hope you like my haul, is there anything you bought recently you want to share?

I am curious!

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