Saturday, 16 August 2014


Hi everybody!

It looks like I cannot find any better time in the day to publish a blog post than after midnight so here we go again.

It probably depends from the fact that at this time everybody is asleep, Adorable Dog included, so I can just sit down with my cup of tea and relax taking care of this little blog of mine.

So today I want to share with you some picture from the Didi's Boutique event, held few months ago in Manchester.

I heard for the first time about this brand during Manchester Fashion Week 2014 where, thanks to my blogger pals and their pictures of the catwalk uploaded on social medias, I could admire some very nice outfits.

When I heard that they were holding an event in their own boutique in Altrincham, well, I could not wait to go.

The company has been founded by Anna, is an amazing woman full of enthusiasm and joy, that started by selling clothes from home, offering her help as a stylist and organising private parties.

The shopping experience with Anna is pleasant, smooth and easy thanks to her excellent taste and experience so even busy women that struggle to find time to shop can have an updated wardrobe.

Doesn't surprise me the increasing success brought to the opening of the shop in Altrincham where Anna and all the rest of the staff keep on giving good advices and selling great clothes and accessories at more than reasonable prices.

You will have to forgive the very poor quality of my pictures but my camera had no battery so I had to use the crappy phone camera (note to self: always put the camera's battery on charge the night before an event!).

If you are lucky enough that you are planning for a holiday soon, well you can find interesting the selection of summer dresses, accessories and beachwear available.

My favourite outfits were this two (here and here) , unfortunately I couldn't find my size which is really a shame.

Didi's boutique is an online boutique aswell so if you are not local no problem, you just need a laptop.

Thank you so much Anna and all the amazing people of Didi's boutique, hope to see you soon!


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  1. Love this post:)
    I'm in love with polka dots dress soo my style


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