Sunday, 31 August 2014


Hello Gorgeous!

Hope you are all having a great week end, are we all ready for the return of the X Factor? I certainly am, waiting for the big outfits battle in between Cheryl and Mel!

Today I wanna talk you about my latest purchase from my favourite cosmetic brand ever, Kiko Milano Cosmetic!

The gorgeous spring and summer collections, the "Boulevard Rock" and "Life in Rio" are on sale at the moment, with remarkable prices reductions.

All the products that I bought have been outstanding in terms of quality and are extremely versatile so I really wanna share with you what I think about this stuff that I can tell you, will not be just a trend of a season but is gonna be a constant part of my kit.

This is what I got:

Life in Rio face duo brush

I was sold on this brush as soon as I saw the unusual shape of one of the two ends, it intrigued me straight away.

The flat side is a very common but always useful foundation brush, for compact and liquids has been precise, not scratchy or too soft, no shedding reported so you really couldn't ask for more.

I like the defined shape that allows me accurate touch ups around the eyes or the lips.

The second end is the interesting one...

Yes, you spotted it right, it has exactly the same shape than the Estee Lauder Sculpting Brush

that has been basically omnipresent on Instagram recently.

The half moon design of this end of the brush is supposed to help you contouring like a pro just placing the concave part on the cheekbones and swiping up and down.

Does it work? It does, both with cream or powder products and for £11.80 it's a hell of a bargain.

Boulevard Rock Colour Shock Eyeshadow 103

The Colour Shock eyeshadow is a frequent repromotion of Kiko's summer collections and it doesn't surprise me really, considering it's the most water/sweat/hot resistant cream eyeshadow I have ever tried.

It's a cream/gel consistency but you have to be very quick to blend it or it will set and you risk of removing patches of colour with the brush.

This particular shade is a kind of taupe/grey, intense as you seen it in the swatch with silver sparkle inside.

It's the perfect I-have-only-got-one-min-to-do-my-eye-makeup product that will make your busy life very easy.

I foresee endless use of this and it's only 3 quids!

Creamy Touch Eyeshadow Pencil Duo 101

Here is my little jewel and the reasons are simple:

- it has got a creamy texture that does not stick or melts into the crease

-it's easy to blend

-the shades are just spot on for an every day use, cream shade on the lid, purple in the corner and off you go

-the cream end can be used as highlight under the brow bone and both can be used as a base for powder eyeshadows

As you can see the finish is totally matte.

So if you wanna grab yourself a bargain and enjoy some make up to play with, here is the place to be.

Now let me go and drool over the new collection..


Wednesday, 27 August 2014


God Morning people!

Hope you are all doing great!

I am still recovering from my horrible bank holiday week end, that I celebrated with my best friends called Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Amoxicillin.

Today I want to talk to you, once again, about Laundry Boutique and an exciting event held few months back, exclusively for us bloggers in the Manchester city centre shop.

I already wrote about this amazing company here and again, I wasn't disappointed by the night they planned for us.

Surrounded by drinks and canapes, we were asked to try everything we wanted from the clothes in store and some of the outfits chosen were uploaded on their facebook page.

My Laundry Boutique entry
The shop is packed with statement jewellery (love of my fashion life!), accessories, shoes, bold printed blouses, designer inspired dresses, soft cotton kaftans, name it, they have got it.

Some good sales going on and a little discount offered on the night were more than enough to tempt me so I didn't left the shop empty handed.

Here is what I bought:

Victoria B's inspired dropped waist dress in bright pink...

...and in this geometric print.

I have been using this dresses every other day this past summer and every single time I was submerged by compliments.

I decided two dresses were not enough so I added to my happy basket this little heart printed piece.

Isn't it lovely??

I paired it with my Givenchy inspired boots and my biker jacket from IL2L and it works so well I decided to use the same combination for another dress I bought on the night, here we go..

I just felt in love with the deep blue and the yellow bold print!

Thank you so much for the beautiful night to everybody over there at Laundry Boutique, I am very excited now about the new AW14 arrivals!


Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Hello my beauties!

Every year Estee Lauder comes out with an iconic summer collection and it's easy to understand why I feel the need to purchase at least one item: bright colours, smart products, sweat resistant formulations and the always outstanding quality guaranteed by the brand.

This year I went for the Bronze Goddess eyeshadow palette.

First of all I would like to thank Estee Lauder for NOT doing a Brazil-Rio themed collection, it has been a bit boring to see the same subject all over the brands.

The palette it's just outstanding and please, do me a favour, don't call it a summer-only palette: I firmly believe we will spend autumn winter and spring together.

The packaging is quite simple but elegant with its tortoise motif, with a wide mirror inside, always very appreciated for touch ups on the go ( if you are a bit like me, the on the go touch ups are quite frequent and that means: in the tram, in the elevator, in a staircase, in a taxi..)

It has got a selection of five neutral shades plus three metallic hues highly pigmented.

The nude shades are easy to blend and all with a matte finish.

We've got a pale beige (ideal for highlighting the browbone), a soft brown, a caramel colour, a brown and a taupe shade, where the last two are perfect to define the crease

The gold, the bronze and the purple shades have got a buttery consistency, an intense finish and they are very long lasting, considering they have been tested in the hot Italian summer!

It works for a nude look with bright lips, it works for a dramatic metallic smoky eye, it works for an everyday use, it is just perfect to be incorporated in my basic make up kit.

The palette includes a double ended applicator, the little sponge one is quite useful when I apply the metallics wet whilst the brush one does a good job with the blending of the nudes.

You can still find the palette at the estee Lauder counters (spotted yesterday in Selfridges!) priced £40, so I can only say: buy it, you won't regret it.


Saturday, 23 August 2014


Hello Darlings,

hope you are all doing ok.

I already declared my love for Essence Cosmetics  here and here but today I want to talk to you about some of the products in the flesh.

I bought these two blushes when I first visited the Manchester Arndale shop and despite being from old collections you should still be able to find them around.

The first one I want to show you is part of the Viva Brazil collection and it's called Viva San Paulo.

It's an intense orange-brownish, a sort of very deep coral.

In the pan looks quite a strong shade and I wasn't very sure it would have been suitable for my skin tone and for the normal use I do of the blush, which is more on the natural side really, but a quick swatch proved me wrong.

It blends very easly in a pleasant coral shade, very natural and healty looking.

After been on holiday, my quite tanned skin have allowed me to play with it a bit more, thanks to the fact it's pretty buildable in a more intense shade, without looking patchy or too strong.

The effect is 100% matte and under a good base it lasts me good 8 hours before starting to fade away.

The second blush saved me from a probably useless splurge on a most expensive one.

I was ready to buy the dual toned blush from the Proenza Shouler for Mac collection when I saw this.

It's not a 100% dupe but it's so similar I can be quite happy with it and my saved quids.

As you can see it has two shades, a baby pink one and an soft orange one, the first is the more pigmented of the two and they have both matte finishes.

Unless you use a very small brush, maybe a contour one, it's impossible to work with one shade without touching the other.

I have been using both by swirling the brush around the pan to mix the two powder or by pat a wider brush (I am loving this one from W7 at the moment) in it and then put it on my face and blend in the middle.

It blends quite well but I have to say the first method is the one I prefer cos it saves time and avoids patches of colours.

The effect is quite natural, I use this blush a lot if I am doing a smoky on the eyes or if I am going for intense red lips, just to keep it simple and neat and don't look like Ronald Mc Donald.

It doesn't really last as long as the Viva San Paulo one, probably due to the fact it's not as pigmented, but I am overall happy with my purchase and I can totally recommend this blush.

I cannot recall how much I paid for both but considering it's Essence we are talking about, there shouldn't be any problem regarding the price.

Have you tried Essence blushes?  Wanna share your thoughts?


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