Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Hello my make up addicted! 

Did you know Wilkinson does make up brushes?

Wait, let me re-phrase this: did you know that Wilkinson does friggin AMAZING make up brushes?

Few weeks ago I visited the shop in the Arndale and I was attracted by a nice and tidy display of make up brushes and beauty tools.

Along with a cheap (but very pretty looking I must say) line of make up brushes I noticed some more professional pieces and needless to say, I felt the need to try them.

Enter the haul:

I purchased the foundation brush, the stippler brush and the powder brush

Despite these be the "premium" line, the price is very reasonable, considering I paid only £4 per brush.

All of these brushes are made of synthetic hair and they are sold in reusable plastic pouches (very handy if you travel a lot and, like me, you hate the idea of loose brushes in your make up bag).

The handle is made of a solid black matte plastic where the orange gold ferrule is inserted.
I have washed all the brushes twice and I didn' t notice any shedding or fading , hurray! 

The foundation brush is flat, densely packed and slightly bigger than some other foundation ones I own, as the real techniques and mac ones.

It's soft, blends the foundation quickly and easily and with the pointy tip I can adjust the application around the nose or underneath the eyes. 

The stippler brush made me laugh a bit, when I noticed about the misspelled name on the handle and on the website, but I really couldn't care less cos it's a bloody good brush!

It's just incredible how, for a fraction of the price, this duo fiber brush can easily be compared to a mac or a sigma one.

I have been using it to apply my bbcream (I am using the Bourjois BB bronzing cream at the moment) on top of my foundation just to give a bit of tan to my skin and with this brush I get a good airbrushed effect, not too heavy or cakey.
Now, I saved the best for last.

Enter my hero, the mega maxi giant powder brush.
I love, love love this last one.

 It's so big that can apply my setting powder all over my face in two strokes.

It's soooo soft and fluffy and again, for 4 quids I couldn't ask for more.
The big dome shape was not affected by the washing and blends nicely both pressed and loose powders.
There were more brushes available in this range, as a double ended smoky eyes brush and some eyeshadow ones that are on top of my wish list.
Well done Wilko, now we love you even more.


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