Monday, 7 July 2014



How are you? I suppose we are all happy cos tomorrow it's MONDAYYYY!!

I am kidding..of course (insert scary music)!

Did you have a nice week end? I didn't do a lot really, we have been going around parks and pubs enjoying the nice weather (and a couple of cakes mmm).

The only thing was that Perfect Husband is not in a good mood, due to a little incident he had with the car: a poor 20 years old girl, that got her driving licence only 6 months ago, hit the back of his car, causing a tremendous scratch of 2cm of length (I measured it people, it's 2 bloody centimetres), so he is grief-stricken. Men.

Anyway, back to our beauty talks.

Today I am gonna introduce you to this face cream I was kindly sent by Manchester based The Buddha Beauty Company.

The founder of this company has been travelling for few years all around the world and when he decided to open this company he tried to put the "feeling good" philosophy as the main concept of the brand.

The "soul well being" is very well expressed in a range of skincare (face and body) and home fragrances (candles and diffusers) not animal tested, natural, organic, suitable for vegetarians and vegans (this is indicated for every product) and with fully recyclable packaging.

I was kindly sent the Neroli Blossom day cream (£12 for 50 ml).

The packaging is quite solid and let me tell you that I love the pump dispenser, it's just more practical and clean than a jar or a tube.

The product itself is a very lightweight emulsion, it looks more like a gel to me than a cream really.

It adsorbs quickly and leaves my skin very soft and toned. I like to use a bit more if I am planning a long day out just because it works very well as a make up base.

The fragrance is what I like most. It's like burying your face in a bunch of mandarin flowers, it reminds me of walking across gardens of Capri and Sicily.

I have done my home works and found that the neroli oil is extracted from the bitter orange tree, hence the sweet and intense floral scent of this cream.

It has a relaxing and regenerative action on the skin that should promote an anti-aging effect.
The cream is enriched with ginseng that improves skintone and elasticity.

Do I like it? I certanly do.

It's a lovely everyday cream that delivers good quality for a very reasonable price and I just want to love it more cos I know it's not packed with parabens and other rubbish.

I have to tell you one last thing, the Buddha Beauty Company has got its own salon in the vibrant area of Chorlton, Manchester, where they offer basic services as eyelashes, waxing and facials, together with more specific offers as holistic treatments and life coaching services.

I would recommend you to keep an eye on the "news" section of the website to be updated about the latest treatments available in the centre (I have got my eyes on you Pure Bliss Massage).

Last but not least, well done guys giving the chance to support few charities with every purchase done on the website!

Now let me go, I need to offer a shoulder to cry on to that man and his stupid poor car.


  1. Great review
    I have scrub from them :) Very good company

    1. I want to try the scrub, looks very good and i am obsessed with exfoliation.


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