Tuesday, 15 July 2014



Do we all hate cleaning our make up brushes right?

I am not the only one right?

Why there is not a laundry service for make up brushes? With home delivery of course.

I have used several brushes cleansers in the past, both on the cheap and on the expensive side, without really finding the holy grail for this mission.

This are the requirements I look for in a make up brushes cleanser:

* quick action, and I am thinking about you, bloody foundation brush

* reasonable price

*easy to rinse out, not leaving residues on the hair

*don't destroy my brushes please!

Last week end, when 374789 filthy brushes were looking at me from the dedicated "dirty brushes box", I decided to try my own mixture of cleansing liquids and voila, it worked pretty well.

These are the "ingredients":

Baby Shampoo (I used Johnson's)
Washing up liquid soap (I used this one)
Hair conditioner (I used Alberto's green apple hair conditioner, bought in the pound shop)

I put the same quantity for each liquid in an empty bottle (in this case the ohnson's baby one) and gave a good shake.

You all know the procedure, I just added a bit of water and worked the soft foam through the hair until the rinsing water came out clean.

The brushes came out clean, soft, not damaged and with a gorgeous scent of green apple (you may not like this last bit so you can try with a different kind of conditioner).

Hope you'll find this post useful, let me know what you think and stay tuned for the next post planned for tomorrow, where I will show you some amazing make up brushes I bought recently!

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