Wednesday, 9 July 2014


This is not a post.

This wants to be a Thank You card dedicated to the Dr.Organic Virgin Olive Oil Eye Serum.

Thank you, my friend for being so nice to my delicate and sensitive skin.

Thank you for not making my under eyes swollen and puffy like an airbag.

Thank you for being refreshing and hydrating and for not making me feel like my eyeballs are on fire.

Thank you for your super lightweight formula, so easy to apply and quick to adsorb.

Thank you for helping me looking more human and less E.T. after all those night I forgot we are actually meant to sleep sometimes.

Thank you for all your cuddles in the morning to my poor dark circles, when looking in the mirror is the mistake I would never do without you.

Thank you for being so cheap (£9.49) and SO FRIGGIN BETTER than 39585 eye cream I have tried before that have been binned after giving me not just under eye bags, but a full set of suitcases.

You are a dear friend and I will spend the rest of my life with you.

Dear Dr. Organic, don't even think to discontinue this serum. Are we clear on this?


Dr.Organic products can be found in Holland and Barrett and online here.


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