Thursday, 12 June 2014


Hello great people (if you are reading me, you are great!)!

Today I wanna share with you some pictures taken at the last South Beach Swimwear bloggers event held a couple of weeks ago here in the sunny (......) Manchester.

I will start saying that the only missing thing was a sandy beach; all the rest was there for us, for an amazing summer party!

We were invited to the Lola's Cocktail Bar in the Northern Quarter, the perfect place to make us feel like we were on holiday, in a bar on the beach.

This is a place I will certainly suggest you to visit, the staff is super friendly, location is great and easy to reach and they serve amazing drinks; here you can see one of their talented DJ getting ready to play some music...

Flowers, colourful cocktails, bright decorations, is it Manchester or Caribbean Islands?

This is the second South Beach event (more on the first one here) I attend and, wow, this people really know how to organise a bloggers party!

There was a photo boot with funny accessories to have pictures, games, a manicure service from my FAVE SPA EVER in Manchester, Skin Health Spa, and the most amazing cakes from Home Sweet Home, which is basically the top bakery in the NQ...well probably in all Manchester.

Add to all this some cool music, cocktails and all my lovely bloggers friends and here we go, perfect afternoon.

My lovely Lily and Irena

I love the South Beach people, they are not pushy or obsessive about their brand, the products and what they can get from you, they were just there with us chatting, laughing and enjoying the party, couldn't really ask for more!

But let's talk business: it's June and even if God sometimes forget to move the sun towards this part of the planet, it's summer!!!!

Time to start thinking about what to pack and if you are so lucky to go somewhere hot my advice is to have a look to the South Beach website; you don't really want to end up buying the same primark bikini that probably half of the population decided to buy right? You want to be smart, original, cool (...well I want to be slim and tanned and with nice hair but unfortunately South Beach doesn't provide this service..yet).

Look at those bikinis...

I liked the parrot jewel of the Faye Bird of Paradise top and the embellished Petra halter tops, both in black and white.

If you are more for a retro style, you will love the Davina and Dulcie style....

 ...and I totally picture myself wearing this frilly Briony swimsuit with a hat and big sunglasses a la Jackie Onassiss, floating in a pool on a mattress with Adorable dog on my side.

The Piper orange geometric print piece made it to my fave ones in my previous post and it's even better in the flesh!

Once again I appreciated the comfy and casual loungewear and I was very impressed with the bags, especially this leopard printed yellow number.

If you have a look to the website, you will find much more, including a beauty section with fake tan and nail polishes from notorious brands.

It was a fab night and I really enjoyed it, thank you so much to South Beach for having me and for the amazing goody bag, you guys are the best!




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