Friday, 27 June 2014


Hello my dearest readers, 

I cannot believe I haven't write a blog post about shoes in such a long time!

These are some latest purchases I am very happy to share with you, nothing very posh or big heels this time, but more or less, these are all easy and comfy every day shoes.

Let's start from Topshop, where I bought my first pair of skaters.

Topshop pony hair skaters

I was patiently waiting for the sale to grab something similar that I saw in Selfridges and in Kurt Geiger, so you can understand my joy when I found these during a very lazy shopping trip in Topshop for a mere £50.

They are the most comfortable shoes ever and my soft spot towards leopard details made the decision to buy these very very easy.

I have been looking for a link to the website but unfortunately I cannot find them anywhere, very strange!

These ballet shoes were a very easy purchase I made at the latest Laundry Boutique Bloggers event in Manchester (more about that to come): I saw them, I bought them.

Laundry Boutique flat shoes

It's again the leopard pony leather detail that made me want these, and the yellow bright colour made just makes these shoes more interesting isn't it?

Right, let's move on to the third one and have a guess? It's leopard pony hair all over again and this time is pink!

Purchased in Dune on the first day of the sales, I only paid £29 but I cannot find them on the Dune website, I suppose they are sold out but you may be lucky to find some left in store.

Now, these ballerinas are really something different.

It's the quality that stands out, the soft leather inside, the cushioned sole, the leather little bow, it all makes a difference.

Shame there were no more colours available, it would have been difficult to resist.

Last but not least, dear old Primark provided an easy solution for my holiday sandals.

Primark Sandals
The crystals are a kind of gunmetal shade, quite original colour really; these are gonna be in my suitcase for my next holiday and probably will be on my feet every single day.
I believe I paid around 8 quids for these, there are similar styles for a cheaper price but I wanted a bit of support on the sole and these are a bit better than the usual £5 ones.

Now, drum roll please, let me introduce you the super guests of this post:

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know that I found these shoes in Italy last week at the most ridiculous price of £40.

I wore the purple ones with a total black look and the white ones with a denim jeans and I had so many compliments, these shoes give personality to any outfit really!

Now, whilst browsing the various websites to look for links (that couldn't find, damn it), I bought another pair of shoes: I blame you all for this.



  1. ahhhh love your shoes !!! and Vivienne are my favourite !! Only £40 ? wow i need them xxx

    1. I wore the cherries one today, I love them! i wish there were more styles available!

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