Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Hello my friends,

How are you all doing?

I am really looking forward for the week end, when I am flying back to Italy for a week and this means sun, hot, beaches and friends: not bad right?

I think it is official that the make up product of the year is, with my biggest joy, THE LIPSTICK!

Every single brand has recently come out with at least two (even more) new lipsticks: gloss, matte, laque, long lasting, velvet, bright, nude, every single possible formulation and shade has been explored.

I am gonna celebrate in my little blog the Year of the Lipstick with a lot of posts about some of those new products, do you like the idea?

First of the series is the L'oreal l'extraordinaire liquid lipstick (these names keep getting longer and longer..).

This is a little brother of the YSL vernis a levres glossy stain, same concept basically, an intense glossy creamy lipstick that leaves a tint on the lips even after wearing off.

Do I like it? Oh yes, I do and I will share with you few reasons why I love these lipsticks.

* the consistency is smooth without being too sticky.

* the doe foot applicator is big but pointed so application is quick but accurate at the same time.

* all the 9 shades are intense, pigmented and wearable, well done on that!

* the stain effect is nice, long lasting and doesn't dry out my lips

* I don't need to sandpaper my lips to take it off, as I have to do with few of those liquid lipstick around (Bourjois rouge velvet I am talking to you!)

* at £8.99, It's a budget friendly purchase.

Now let's have a look to the ones I got (oh hello 3x2 at Boots, love you so much):

The 304 Ruby Opera is a intense red (much darker and brighter than what you see in the pictures bloody camera)

The 401 Fuschia Drama is a bright pink

The 500 Molto Mauve is a pale pink/soft brown

At the moment I can only find the Extraordinaire liquid lipsticks in Boots.

Have you tried these lipsticks? What do you think in general of the liquid lipsticks?


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