Saturday, 21 June 2014


Welcome to another post dedicated to my favourite brand ever, Kiko Make Up.

I am tempted to launch an on line petition to beg for a shop in Manchester, what do you think bbloggers?

We need, we DESERVE a shop that sells affordable, good quality make up and skincare, constantly launching new collections and products.

Today I am gonna show you some bits from the Boulevard Collection that came out few months ago and, drum roll please, is actually on sale.

First thing I got is the Face Brush.

It is described as a brush to use to apply powders.

It has got a metal silver solid handle but what you will really notice about this brush is how dense it is.

The synthetic bristles are so densely packed that the brush itself is quite thick and compact.

I don't own anything similar to this brush.

I have been using it to apply blushers and bronzers and despite being so stiff it is not harsh at all.

I cheated a bit and I used it to apply liquid foundation and it works well but due to the dense bristle it takes a bit longer to get an even result.

It's £11.80 at the moment (was £16.90) and you can find it here.

Second thing I got is the Rock Attraction Blush.

Available in six shades, I chose number 03, "crossroad pink", a bright shimmer rose/pink.

If, like me, you are a sucker for elaborated packaging, well you will love the embossed decor and the sturdy silver case.

The blush itself is lovely, swatches can show you it's much lighter than how it looks in the pan.

Blends beautifully and gives an instant healthy glow, but sometimes I pack it a bit more for a more dramatic effect.

I am waiting to go to the Kiko shop now that I am in Italy to have a look to the other shades. I am tempted by 06 "visionary sienna" that looks a good bronzer/contour powder.

Here is the link to the website if you are not lucky to live in a place that has got a Kiko store, and it's £9 instead of £12.90.

Ah, I nearly forgot to mention a very generous promotion I found on the Kiko website, until the 22nd of July, for online orders only, you will get for free one tube of Self Tanning Rapid Drops, normally priced £11.99.

I may consider a little order...



  1. I for one would sign your petition for a Kiko store in Manchester - xxx

    1. I amy do one, I miss having a Kiko store around!


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