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Hello darlings,

are we all getting ready for this bank Holiday week end? Finger crossed weather is good and we can enjoy a bit of sunshine.

If you live in Manchester or nearby, you will certainly know the Arndale, the colossal shopping centre dominating the city centre.

Considering the amount of time and money I spend there, I cannot understan why there is not an area with my name yet.

I was delighted to be invited to one of their latest event, the very famous TWEET SEAT, where Arndale's PR explained us bloggers the newest seasonal trends for SS14 including accessories and make up and showed us around some of the shops to touch with hands what we were talking about.

After meeting with all the girls we had a chat about the special Arndale magazine  "Inside" that gives customers a perfect overview of everything cool you can find around the shops.

I have to mention the model on the cover of the magazine could have been me with blond hair, that pink feather skirt, the statement necklace and the chunky bracelet are basically my signature look!

The attention for this upcoming season are focused on Florals, Pastels, Bold colours and Prints (the Paintbox section) and Jewellery, a lot of jewellery, yyyeeeaahh!!!

The shops we visited were Dorothy Perkins, Accessorize, Kurt Geiger and Boots and I went home with:

  * The longest wish list I have ever had (any chance of an early Christmas? No? Shame..)

  * A bigger (if that was even possible) love for Arndale

  * A little bag with something I couldn't resist buying. Any guess?

First stop was Dorothy Perkins, that let me tell you, has gone much more modern and trendy than it used to be.

Every style is covered, you go from the soft sweet pastels to the boldest neons for the summer.
There are some very good pieces and the jewellery stand deserves to be ransacked.

I will have to explore more their shoe department, I was in love with the printed ballerinas (you can never have too many ballerinas, remember) and the bright heels and everything is so affordable!

My top picks? These necklaces.

Second destination was Kurt Geiger also known as shoe porn paradise.

The range of styles available is impressive with some designer inspired models that can be yours for a fraction of the price.

 The glittery and the orange slippers are best seller and look at those boots, Givenchy anyone?

If you visit the shop is worthy having a look to the accessories section, with bold coloured bags, big chunky chain (very Rhianna style) and sunglasses.

The Kurt Geiger luxury range, Carvela, has pulled out some wedges, heels and peep toes and all of them are real leather. I am considering buying the plain black ones...

My Picks this time? The luxury sneakers, the UGG boots, the kitten heels and the blue slippers.

The third stop of the tweet seat event was the Accessorize and Monsoon shop.

In a season where jewellery (big, bold, small, every kind really) has such a big relevance, Accessorize is the place you want to be locked in. I could go inside with those big Ikea shopping bags and go out feeling I didn't get all I wanted.

We were introduced to the new collections by this adorably adorned table.

Here we go again with all the flowers, the sparkling, the rich pastel shades.

Look at the tassels and the colours of these bags...

The price range is very wide but never too high..unless like me you NEED everything.

There is a section dedicated to beachwear and related accessories of course, with a lot of pink going on.

 If you are going to a summer festival (where, in my opinion, the majority of the fashion crimes is committed) you can be stylish without looking homeless, trust me: here we go, some ideas for you.

 My picks: these necklaces

Monsoon introduced us to a world of revisited classic designs with quite a modern twist, with prints, lace details and a sartorial style that really impressed us all.

I liked the vintage style crochet with important necklaces and the daisy hairband.

My pick? What a question, the printed blazer.

The last destination of out tweet seat tour was Boots, where sometimes I feel my salary should be directed straight from the bank.

We visited the Number 7 counter where we were offered a make over (I went for bright pink lips). I asked what are the big trends for the ss14 make up and the answer was, have a guess...bright neon for lips and nails and natural in the eyes. I am in!

We then had a chat with the lovely girls at the Smashbox counter, where I had a smokey eyes done, and I was given a sample of the studio skin foundation (more about that in a future blog post).

I had my hair styled at the Bumble and Bumble counter where I was very happy to try a product I read a lot about, the Hairdresser's invisible oil: it's a oil that helps nourishing the hair and keeps it frizz free.

I requested a poker straight look and few drops were more than enough to keep hair smooth and soft and most of all straight straight straight even if outside was raining cats and dogs.

I want to conclude this epic post with my very fave in the 4 categories.

The Florals: The daisy flip flops from Accessorize

 The paint box: the Kurt Geiger's high heels shoes

The Pastels: Dorothy Perkins jumpsuit (look at the lace detail at the back!!!), dresses and white biker jacket.

The Jewellery: Do phone cases count as jewellery? Well, these from Accessorize definitely do.

The experience was glorious, thank you so much Leanne, Debs and Helen for the wonderful afternoon and hope you enjoyed reading this post, I know is a bit picture-heavy but I wanted to make you all feel like we were going around all together.

See you soon, bye!


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