Saturday, 31 May 2014


Hello sweethearts!

I think we need to face the truth: summer is coming and weather here in UK is, at the moment, pure  rubbish (heating is on people, not joking).

We need to find ourselves another way to celebrate the most colourful and happy season and I have got an idea: Shoppiinnggggg!!!

I want to buy short skirts, bright blouses, printed dresses and I found a perfect place where I can do it without emptying my bank account: let's say hello to Laundry Boutique.

Laundry Boutique is an online retailer that has got some stores too in Manchester, Altrincham, Chester, Chiswick, Portobello, and Stockton Heat.

I visited the shop in central Manchester and I had the chance to see a selection of the newest arrivals at one of the last events organised by Manchester Fashion Week 2014, that saw this brand massively involved.

I am in love with their dresses, they are really different from all you see on the high street (all the sameeeeee, so boring!)and there is a good selection of styles.

Add to all these lovely clothes jewellery, accessories, shoes, loungewear and lovely staff and costumer service and here is it, welcome to Laundry Boutique.

Here are some pictures from the press event where I could appreciate some nice shift dresses (my fave style ever), loose blouses, bright printed bodycon dresses and so on, at very affordable prices.

I tried on this drop waist dress (Victoria B.I heart you) and I think we are talking to my next purchase here, don't you think it looks great?

Laundry Boutique dress, Ebay necklace, Clarks brogues 

I can wear this with tights and boots or bare legs with sandals, the fabric is very soft and the pastel  peach colour is a win win. Best thing? It's only £32!

Here, here, and here you can find some dresses that will probably move soon to a permanent residence in my wardrobe, probably followed shortly by this, this and this.

And now don't tell me I didn't give you enough ideas for my birthday presents (ok my birthday is in February but feel free to donate in advance).



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  2. Do not buy from this store on line. I received poor quality product which they would not refund as return was made after 14 day deadline. Despite explaining that was away customer service was very inflexible. Be sure you happy with product and be aware returns have to be back to them within 14 days!


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