Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Hello everybody, how are you doing tonight?

I should be sorting out washing, ironing and all my house really after my crazy bank holiday in Italy but I cannot even think about leaving this sofa so here I am, blogging to you about something really cool and useful.

About a month ago I was contacted by this amazing company called Futurocks and they offered me the chance to try one of their most famous product: here is it...

Futurocks power bank
After my Precious Baby was born, my Perfect Husband made me swear I would have been extra careful to always have my mobile phone fully charged for every emergency (where emergencies are not the latest instagram updates or ebay auctions).

This has proven to be a real challenge for somebody like me, a self confessed phone addicted basically.

This little cute, pink, cylinder is an external battery that will make your life very easy: it really helped mine!

If I am on the go and my battery is about to die, I don't need to swear against technology and think about a good excuse to provide to a furious Perfect Husband; all I need to do now, is to plug in my mobile to the battery pack and that's it, problem solved.

This battery pack is suitable for USB powdered devices and in the package you will find a micro USB cable to connect it.

It only weights 50 grams and has got one year warranty.

The pack can be recharged with your usual mobile charger or using your computer.

Here is the link to the Pink Mini Power Bank I was kindly given but best thing you can do is to have a good look to the website, where you can find nice phone covers (like the ultra famous Chanel bottle case) and more power banks. 

I have got my eyes on the Dual USB port in yellow, that can charge two devices at the same time. 


Time to cook dinner now. Byeeeeeee



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