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Hello Lovelies,

today's blog post is my entry for a very intriguing competition promoted by fashion online retailer  Rare London: I couldn't really resist to the temptation to talk about the clothes I love more!

Going through my wardrobe to find my "cannot live without" items has been quite a challenge; there are the clothes I like, the ones I LOVE, the ones that have got a sentimental value, the ones that you want to forget the price tag, the ones you use every other day, the comfy ones, the ones that make you feel like a princess and I could go on and on and on..

After turning the whole closet upside down I finally managed to pin point the little gems of my wardrobe-shaped heart and here we are, enter the winners (insert drum roll here please):

The Gucci Jackie O bag

This is not a bag: this is my baby.
I wear it in special occasions only, It's my ace in the hole for a very special outfit.
This was the first designer bag I bough with my own money, full price tag.
I had been in love with this particular model for ages and one day I just decided it has to be mine, so I jumped on a train to Florence and I went to the Gucci store to buy it and I remember going around the city with that big Gucci shopping bag with heart shaped eyes.
(This story ends with me asking to a complete stranger some euros to buy the return ticket 'cos I didn't have anything left in my wallet but you don't really need to know that..)

The D&G floral dress

I cannot live without this dress because is my strongest motivation to loose weight.
It's a size 10 and I remember wearing it at summertime: if I have done it once I can do it again.
Let's start the cardio, c'mon!

The primadonna foldable ballerinas

We all know the story.
Girl wears crazy heels thinking "oh I'll be fine, they look comfy", girl convinces herself that stabbing sensation is not pain but just a twinge, girl sits in tears on the toilet asking herself how the hell is she gonna manage to walk out of the place, girl walks barefoot to the car park, pretending not to see people urinating on the same pavement she is now walking, girl swears she is not gonna do the same mistake again...just to wear higher heels the following week.

These have been a life saver in few occasions and I have always them in my bag if I am wearing heels.

The feather, tutu and frilly skirts


This are a must for my wardrobe for one simple reason: they are so me! 
The pink, the feathers, the lace, these are totally my style.
I have to force myself not to wear one of those three every time I go out!

The white silk blouse

This is a passe partout of my wardrobe.
I cannot fashionably live without such a smart, easy, versatile and useful piece.
This particular one is from the Kardashian Collection for Dorothy Perkins and has been worn several times since I got it last year.
I wear this with jeans and flat, with trousers and heels, with skirts and boots, it's a staple I will always be happy to use.

The Michael Kors black leather jacket

God bless Tk Maxx and the bargains it brings to us.
I got this jacket for a fraction of the retail price, the leather is so soft, the big neck is so stylish and I have been matching this with everything, smart, casual, elegant, bring it on!

The big bracelets 

The more, the better
The chunkier, the better
The bigger, the better
The brighter, the better
Did you get the point or should I go on?

I would be curious to see what my friends Irena, Michelle, Joanna and Lily think about this and what are their chosen ones!

What about yourselves?

Have you got a dress, a t shirt or a pair of shoes you cannot live without?

You can participate to this competition, here is the link, remember the last day to submit your entry is the 30th of April.

Good Luck!


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