Wednesday, 2 April 2014


If you are planning to attend the Manchester Fashion Week on the Saturday 19th April I hope you will be lucky enough to have a seat for the Sofia Dourvari Fashion Show.
You really don't wanna miss what this young, fresh and talented designer has to offer.
I had the pleasure to meet Sofia one year ago here in Manchester after one of her Fashion Show.
She is one of the nicest person I have ever met, chatty, friendly, down to earth, that kind of girl you would like to have as your best friend.
Her collection is classy but contemporary at the same time, sassy and never boring without resulting too excessive or tacky.
Her clothes are designed for every body shape and the materials go from leather to silk played with a very sartorial cut that gives an extremely sophisticated effect.


This has to be one of my favourite dress I saw on the catwalk, it's posh, elaborated, original and flattering.

Look at this leather dress from a previous collection, I was in love with the backless design here.

These are some pictures taken from her last catwalk show, with the first one being my favourite.

Together with her stunning personal collections, Sofia offers a bespoken service, where she designs the dress of your dream helping you choosing materials, design and everything needed to create in flesh what you have got in mind (Why I didn't met this woman before my wedding?).

If you need more informations, her website is currently under renovation but you can contact her on twitter or here.

Sofia will be present at MCRFW 2014 with a fashion show and a pop up store for the following two days where you will be able to shop the collection.



  1. Great post Anna
    I love her collections !! So cute

    1. Do you remember that fashion show I really enjoyed it


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