Saturday, 12 April 2014


Hello happy people!

It's finally week end and I am uber excited because in few days I'll go back to Italy for my Easter Holiday, isn't it great?
Hope the weather will be better than here, it's raining (seriously? In Manchester? Naaa..) and it's just bloody cold.

Right let's talk beauty now.

In the past month the blogosphere has been basically bombarded with pictures-swatches-review-bla bla bla of the new liquid lipsticks from Bourjois.

I own a decent amount of liquid lipsticks, lacquers and similar stuff so I decided not to buy this new release...until today.

What made me change my mind was a quick "let me just have a look at the colours" moment and after that I was hooked.

These are all the swatches of the six shades available.

bourjois rouge edition velvet

bourjois rouge edition velvet

Which one did I get? What a question....

bourjois rouge edition velvet 05 ole flamingo and 06 pink pong

These are the brighter shades, there two reds but the pink ones are definitely the most intense ones.

I didn't really experience any problem in the application as I was expecting reading few reviews, this lipstick applies smoothly and soft on the lips leaving a rich and thick cream.

At the beginning it feels like a cream onto the lips but whithin few minutes it dries out completely matte without any dry annoying sensation, especially compared to others I have tried (for example the MUA one).

They last forever. Seriously, an enormous amount of hours will go without it even fading a bit.

I remove them with a cleansing balm (I use the ESPA one) and I apply a normal lip balm, just to avoid dry patches.

Number 06 Pink Pong is blue based pink, it looks a lot like MAC Show Orchid, very close to a purple-pink.

bourjois rouge edition velvet 06 pink pong

bourjois rouge edition velvet 06 pink pong

Number 05 Ole Flamingo is a deep cherry pink.

bourjois rouge edition velvet 05 ole flamingo

bourjois rouge edition velvet 05 ole flamingo

You can find these on offer at Superdrug 

Now I only need a mild tan and some teeth whitening and I am ready for the summer.


  1. Ah! Gli stupidi MUA -.-' questi appena faccio un ordine da ASOS finiranno casualmente nel carrello :3

    1. Chiaretta che tragedia sti lip velvet di tutte le marche veramente! io non mi sono trovata bene con questi e con quelli di un altra marca di cui leggerai presto un post. Stai tuned

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