Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Every time I watch an episode of " Keeping up with the Kardashians " I come to the following  conclusions :

* I need a neon yellow Hermes birkin bag in my life
* I need to start a diet
* I want to rock a bright coral lipstick as Courtney does.

I am working on the first two points,  but I can proudly say I won on the third one. 

The first thing I did was getting my teeth whitened: yellow teeth and coral lipstick gives me goose bumps. 

I only use a professional home bleaching treatment for my teeth,  no cheap and dodgy products from ebay for something that goes in my mouth thanks. 
I normally go a couple of shades lighter but  thanks to my stupid tea addiction I make sure I use a whitening toothpaste to keep the results as long as possible.

At this point I threw myself in the search of the perfect coral red on a budget, considering is not a shade I am gonna wear all the time.

The Vivids collection from Maybelline has got a coral red that I find more close to a plain orange; Milani does some stunning bold shades but the ones that I chose after watching few videos and swatches on various blogs, ended up being too red or too yellow based.

I was at the end, heading to the dear old Mac counter when I got the Avon catalogue and BAZINGA!

The Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick in "lava love" has got the perfect balance in between the red and the orange tones.

The lipstick itself is creamy, richly pigmented and moisturising.

Only one coat will have this effect...

These lipstick should have a "Self renewing colour system", that means that the colour should stay longer once you put the lips together: I am not sure this really works but I can guarantee this lipstick will go on for few hours without fading or worse, migrating towards your teeth.

At the moment the price is discounted at a mere £4.00. I may try another shade...


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