Thursday, 6 March 2014


I need to share with you this new Primark haul in order to feel less guilty about the fact I cannot really visit that store without coming out with a bag.

The newly renovated Manchester shop is blooming with new arrivals for spring summer and I have to admit my wish list is basically endless. 

Look how beautiful this outfit is..

Let me show you what I got.

Yes I needed black skinny  jeans but most of all I need that "push up and push on" effect. 

I tried those yesterday and despite not transforming into Pamela Anderson , I adore the fitting and the very soft fabric of the jeans: £10 well spent.

Primark statement and bib necklaces are all over glossy magazines at the moment and I can easily see why, so here is my pick.

Not sure if I am gonna use this as a clutch bag (£4) or a make up bag but I am sure it will not be forgotten in the draw, I am obsessed with these kind cartoon of prints at the moment.

As you probably read on twitter, Primark has come out with a new beauty range full of lipstick, lip glosses, nail polishes etc. 

I had a quick look but to be honest I am not really impressed, looks very cheap and average but if you are on a budget you should check that out considering prices are around 1 or 3 quids max.

I got those sponges that I find very useful to remove masks, especially the ones that dry out on the skin and can be a proper nightmare to take off.

Now this is something I was very curious to try. It's basically a silicone sponge that can be used to remove make up with your normal cleanser.

I tried it as soon as I got home and I am in love.
It gives to the skin a proper massage and it's not harsh at all, leaving a kind of tingling sensations and it's very effective to remove make up.

Last purchases, two little make up brushes.

For £1 and £1.50 I really couldn't ask for more.

Synthetic hair, soft, solid handles, no shed and no colour fade on the first wash, seriously, this range deserves a round of applause.
I got the stippling brush and the eyeshadow one, but there are some more available.

Any purchase you want to share?


  1. Think I'll give those brushes a go - ive got the Real Techniques ones but to be honest not worth the hype!

    Michelle x

    Under The Cherry Rainbow

    1. I am using these brushes at the moment, so good for that small price

  2. Great haul! I love the neckless!!! how cute

    1. Thank you Irena, there are more primark necklaces on my radar...

  3. I really need a pair of cheap black jeans, I've seen a few good mentions about these. I might have to get some when I'm next in town I think! Danielle xx


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