Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Can you say that again please? An empty shop? And what are we supposed to do with an "empty" shop??

Well, a lot, I can tell you, we can really do a lot.

In the commercial pulsing heart of Manchester, better known as Arndale, from the 23th of January till the 2nd of February, this pop us shop is waiting for your help for a very good cause indeed.

The idea is simple and genius at the same time: the shop is empty in the morning, people donates clothes in good conditions and at the end of the day everything is given to charity and the shop is empty again.

This is the first time "The empty shop" is in UK, brought here by the very open minds of people from Clarkegough shopfitters that saw this project in Brazil and decided to try to do the same.

The charity chosen for the donations is The Mustard Tree that supports homeless and marginalised people across Greater Manchester.

I had the pleasure to meet one of the volunteer at the press event for "The Empty Shop" (I really beg your pardon if I cannot recall your name!!) and I had such a positive experience only talking to her about all the initiatives this charity is involved with.

Not only they provide food and clothes to these people, but they do organise courses and trainings to help them find jobs, improving skills, re build their dignity, step by step.

The donates clothes can be sold in their charity shop situated here or they can be given to who is in need; in other words, they can be much more useful than be there, not used, in your wardrobe!

During this week "The Empty Shop" will host some stylists that will have a play with the donated clothes and some famous faces will pop around to help this very goodproject.

For every bag you donate you can enter a raffle but the biggest price will be of course, the help you are giving to people in need.

For more informations you can follow "The Empty Shop" on twitter here!

P.S. Thank you Yo!Sushi for another delicious sushi experience at the press launch and thank you to Leanne, the Arndale and Nicki and Rachel from Guess Who Pr


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