Thursday, 12 December 2013


I was sold on this palette in the same moment I read all these words "Urban Decay, Palette, Naked, Rose Gold" in the same sentence.

A full review is useless, would be the 3000th on the web, plus, this is the third of the Naked series from Urban Decay so we all now, by now, what are we talking about: extraordinary value for the money, highly pigmented shadows, dreamy blending.

I must say I love the metal case and the idea of the different primer potions samples; on the other side I would have liked some more matte shades (there are only 3).

Compared to the other two, this one has got less glittery shades,apart from the mat ones all the rest have got metal and shimmer finish but no chunky glitter to be seen anywhere. Good.

It's pretty confused, at the moment, where, when and how this is/will be available.

I got mine from the counter at Debenhams and it looks like is not sold out yet online here at House of Fraser.

Price is the same, £37.

Enjoy the swatches!


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