Monday, 25 November 2013


11th JUNE 2013: H&M announces its next designer collaboration will be with Isabel Marant and will be out in November.
The blogger: Oh, that sounds interesting, let's see what she pulls out.
10th JULY 2013: First image of the designer wearing a dress and boots from the collection is published on the web.
The blogger: Nice dress and boots but hopefully she will include in the collection some sneakers, I already own a pair but I could do well with another one.
25th SEPTEMBER 2013: The full collection is unveiled on the web.
The blogger: Oh God I don't like it at all. I was expecting much more, some dresses are nice but I am really not impressed and, most important issue, where are my sneakers?
The blogger: Maybe, and I say maybe, I like that gold dress..but I cannot be bothered to queue just for a dress.
The blogger: let me have another look..oh well those pants are ace.
The blogger: no, not going, not really worthy, price tags are quite high as well, no, let's save time and money.

The blogger: The scarves are nice, let me see better this collection.

The blogger: You know what? I'll go and sleep at my friend's that lives nearby H&M, if it's not bloody cold I'll go early morning to have a look, still thinking about that gold dress.

The blogger: no, too cold, not going..where is the rain cover for my Precious Baby's pushchair?

The blogger: OK I am here at my friend's just in case I change my mind and I wanna go.
Alarm set: 7.00 am


Alarm set: 6.00 am


Alarm set: 5.00 am

6 AM
The blogger: you must be kidding, It's too cold and windy, let's go back to bed.

6.05 AM
The blogger: Oh c'mon,  hailstone won't stop the world right? I want my dress.

6.20 AM
The blogger: Ready for an early morning walk my Precious Baby? Thanks God you can't talk..
Precious baby: somebody call the social services please.

6.30 AM
The blogger: I am hereeeeeee, not bad, queue is not bad at all.

7.30 AM
The blogger: Need to go to the toilet, Mum was right, never leave a place without going to the toilet first, damn it.

7.45 AM
The blogger:  So much fun talking to all the other girls, was a good idea to come even if I just want a dress.

8.00 AM
The blogger: I have got my bracelet with the entrance time! I am in the third group and I can shop from 9.40 till 9.50.

9.00 AM The shop opens, first and then second group are allowed in.
The blogger: Hey! People, be reasonable, leave something for us! Hey you, no, put that dress down, I want it, leave one for me, bloody hell..but..wait a minute..let me see better..NOOOOOOOO is that dress backless? I don't want it anymore. I don't like it.

9.30 AM 
The blogger: should I go home?

9.40 AM: The Blogger's turn!
The blogger: I am in, not really interested in the collection anymore. Well, just because I am here I may have a look around. Nice scarf, oh look, I need a red shawl and this one has got the fringes. This lace top is better than it looked like in the pictures, I could easily match it with these pants.
Excuse me lady, is that blouse a 12? can you pass it to me please?

Precious Baby: where the hell am I and where has she gone now?

Security staff: Whose is this baby????????

12.30 AM
The blogger: Let me have a look if they've got anything left online.

The blogger: Why, why, why, I didn't get the boots? What was I thinking? Silly, silly., silly me.


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