Wednesday, 27 November 2013


When I was invited to the Country Attire event two weeks ago,I was, to be honest, expecting to meet the PR and the other bloggers and to have a chat about the different products offered.

Well, let's say it didn't really go like that.

I had one of the most brilliant afternoon since I start blogging.

We were invited to the Country Attire warehouse itself where we met the Pr team and one of the founder and owner of the online store, Jenny!

I find myself having a sumptuous afternoon tea with the best cake ever (thank you Jenny's mum, your chocolate and guinnes cake will always have a special place in my heart) discussing shoes, clothes, brands, trends: let's call it heaven.

We were then introduced to EVERY staff member (sales, IT, marketing, buyers, everybody!) and showed all around the offices.

There were few jaw droppings when we visited the actual stock room, and I remember thinking "oh OK you can go, just lock me in"

We were given the chance to have a tour of the photography studio too, were all the pictures of the items on sale are taken. You can tell that they do an amazing job here, all the pictures are very neat, sharp and detailed (which I believe is very important when you are going to buy something online) and from when a picture is taken it takes only 48 hours to see it on the website.

Was pretty clear that at Country Attire, they deal with every aspect "in the house".

Jenny told us about how the business was born few years ago as an online place to shop luxury English brands, mainly focused on country fashion. During the past years, they have grown a lot and they are very proud now to stock not only the most established English brands but a best selection of international designer too, with buyers constantly looking for new names but never compromising on the quality of the products.

A small selection of clothes, shoes and accessories were there on display.

Look at the shoes!!!!

These were my faves, especially the black Vivienne Westwood number with the leopard bow.

They even stock the Sorel boots, this winter's must have footwear, featured few weeks ago in Look Magazine as one of the most famous among celebrities.

A pleasant surprise was to see and touch with hands Country Attire's own brand, CO/AT, where the best Scottish cashmere is used to realise some very posh and beautiful garments like these two knitwear with real Swarovsky details (* takes note, possible present for Mummy).

I was in love with Lily and Lionel printed scarves and Isabel Del Pedro  edgy pieces. All of us blogger have been drooling over this coat, modelled for us by the gorgeous Sindy.

Something that caught my eyes was this brand of lingerie, Yummie Tummie; I must admit I didn't know it but those pieces look like the most comfy things ever, soft and of course seamless.

When I came back home I had a good look at the website and I must say, I was really impressed.

The shop is the first place to stop for the quintessential of English names like BarbourZatchels Vivienne Westwood and many more, plus some big international brands like Italian Ash  (amazing shoes)and Napapijri (exquisite outdoor clothing) etc.

There is a good selection of Womenswear, Menswear, Accessories, Childrenswear and a Beauty section too, where they stock hyper luxury brand MOR (body butter=to die for).

Browsing the site and looking for products is very easy and intuitive.

Every item's description is accurate and full of details and pictures, with history of the brand and live stock availability: only pointing the mouse arrow on a product will show you the sizes in stock, the whole shopping experience couldn't be easier really.

They offer free worldwide shipping, free UK returns, same day dispatch if you order before 4pm and a live chat service, pretty impressive innit?

The fact that they have only the 12% of returns is a good sign these people know how to do their job and just to prove this you can see they have been higly commended for few awards.

If I were in you, I would advise parents/relatives/husband/boyfriend to have a good browse on the Country Attire Christmas is coming, you know?

In my wishlist are this Day Birger Night Bijou bracelet  and those Lola Cruz Trainers.

I don't wanna be selfish, so I could buy this Westwood Tie for my Perfect  Husband, this Sorel Toddler snow boots because I am a good mum and I can definitely see my Adorable Dog snoring on this Joules Snuggle Dog Bed. Family sorted!!!!

Ah, before I go, don't forget to check the sale section to find some amazing saving!

I really would like to thank everybody at Country Attire for the marvellous experience, Truth Pr Company and of course Jenny and Natalie for being so nice to me, you are such a great team!
Thank you of course for the goody bag, sweets were gone by the time I got home!

Thank you Joanna for driving me there, I would have probably been lost somewhere in the dark if it wasn't for you!

Now, pass me that last slice of cake and nobody will get hurt.



  1. look like very cool event! I hope you ok! xxx

  2. this must be the (my) place!!!
    talking about shoes and clothes, eating delicious chocolate cakes??? OMGOOOD *_*


    1. good point, why don't you move back here?????


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