Wednesday, 6 November 2013



How are you all doing?

I am officially on the verge of a driving-licence-related crisis, just finished another horrible lesson and I am here, writing this post just to keep my mind off that rubbish and think about something nice.

What's better than shoes than?

I have been looking to buy a nice pair of brogues for ages but couldn't really find anything I liked or on my price range until I find myself in a Clark's shop and there they were, just waiting for me.

Black, shiny and most of all, very comfortable to walk in, thanks to the padded inside footbed.
I have been using these every other day since getting them.

I love the very masculine and edgy design and they are quite detailed and sturdy.

I have paired with jeans and skirts, it's a very versatile pair of shoes.


Here are some outfits I put together using these shoes.

Ebay bag - Select dress

Karen Millen jumper - Gucci bag - H&M leggings

Ebay shirt - Primark skirt - Juicy Couture bag
There is a black and white version of these brogues that is calling my name..who knows, maybe, in the sales we can think about it right/

Priced £54.99 you can find these shoes in stores or online, they are called "Hamble Oak" and here is the link.

What do you think?

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