Sunday, 6 October 2013


Good evening!
Here we are with the third and last post about the newly launched L'oreal Magique collection.

Today we talk about the BB Powder.

As you can see it is a pressed powder and as far as I can find, here in UK comes in two shades, light and medium; I got mine in Italy where a third shade is available, the "dark" one.

Underneath the powder there is a latex sponge and a mirror. I love when mirror is in this position because it doesn't get in contact with the powder so it doesn't get dirty and you can actually use it!

It has got a very fine consistency, extremely light and easy to blend.
I used both sponge and brush to apply, and I personally like it more the first option because it gives me better coverage.

It lasted about 5 hours without smudging or showing any shine on the t zone.
The "5 effects" promised by this BB powder are basically aimed to give your skin a velvety mat and even effect.

I fully agree you will get to this final result and the aspect I agree more about the description is "light coverage": once again I find myself to notice this powder doesn't really help if you want to cover spots, marks, pigmentation.

Finally, here are some pictures of the 3 products applied together, concealerfoundation and powder.

The final opinion I have got on all these products is quite positive for the effect they gave the texture of my skin but I am not happy about the minimum coverage they can offer.

You will probably love it if you have good skin to start with because they are very lightweight and the effect  they give your complexion is very natural and even.

Didi you try any of the products? What do you think?



  1. wow great review !
    Thank you i have to try it now :)


  2. Wish they would have put a warning on the pakcaging that the sponge had latex present, being allergic to it and smearing it all over my face wasn't the best look when the rash popped up!
    Will try with a brush or perhaps a new sponge.


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