Tuesday, 1 October 2013



here we are with the second product from the  NUDE MAGIC line from L'oreal I want to talk to you about, the Foundation.

I got mine in USA so the packaging and the name are slightly different, here in UK is called Eau de teint, but the product is exactly the same.

The glass little bottle is very posh but I found it quite unpractical for two reasons:
one, is very fragile, my clumsy hands...
second, this foundation is very liquid, basically watery, maybe a pump would have been better.

The instructions at the back are very clear, you have to apply this with your fingers:
no brushes, sponges, just your bare hands.

I can easly see why, the texture is so watery and light that probably a sponge/brush would absorb it quicker than the skin.

Once applied, it melted instantly onto my skin, maybe too quickly, it didn't really gave me enough time to blend it or work it where I have got more imperfections.

After reading about a billion of review I decided to get the shade 320 natural beige to match my NC30 skintone.

I got about 6 hours without noticing any shine on my t zone, which is a fairly good result.

I agree with what they say in the TV advert, that this foundation is invisible, it feels like I have got nothing on my skin, with a fine, velvety effect but all this comes with a price and I am not talking money.

The problem is that the coverage is not excellent; if you normally use foundation just to improve your complexion this can work pretty good, but if you are like me, that needs a product to cover, cover, cover..well maybe is not the right one.

Look at the pictures:

Bare skin, no foundation

After application

My sun damages and marks were less evident but still visible.

Price tag is not bad at all, is around £7 but I don't think I will re-purchase this once finished but I have to say it's a shame because as I said, feels great on the skin.



  1. Replies
    1. it does, you,ve got perfect skin and I am sure with this you could have amazing results, unfortunately I need more coverage!


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