Thursday, 10 October 2013


Don't lie to me.
I know, even if it's just October, even if you are shaking your head disapproving Christmas cards in shops since AUGUST, I am sure, deep inside, there is a part of you with a Santa's hat already on.

So let's do it, let's start talking presents!

Every year I try to impose myself a smaller budget, every year I spend double of what I planned.
It's very hard to stay on a budget when shops and brand are packed with billions of gift ideas and gift ideas.

Take this for example

I could swear by Clarisonic.
I admit the price tag put me off at the beginning but I was completely sold on it after a couple of days I had it, such impressive is the result.

The two big improvement I noticed are:

* firmer and more compact skin tone

* important breakouts reduction

This limited edition Holly Berry Clarisonic duo comes in red shade, with a face brush, a body brush, a face cleanser and a body cleanser and is priced £179 at Clarisonic

So this could be a fantastic present for someone special, somebody you love or you want to thank for something, somebody that really deserve a present like this...maybe YOURSELF?



  1. I bought the pro. Not tried it yet. Did you get the bad breakouts bit scared to use it. Silly as I paid over £180.
    What cleanser are you using with it

    1. you should def start to use it! I never got any breakouts, to be honest the time I stop using it is when I got major spot! At the moment I use it with Kiehl's corrective white cleanser but I have use it with every gel-cream clenser really.


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