Sunday, 13 October 2013


Hello Lovelies!

Last February, with big surprise, H&M saw its debut on the posh catwalk in the Paris Fashion week with a capsule collection that landed in stores few weeks ago.

The style of the collection is very edgy and kind of rock/punk, with leather pants, high boots, capes, fake fur jackets and lace dresses.

I spotted few things on magazines but to be honest, when I went to see and touch with hands the clothes in stores I was a little bit disappointed.

The quality of some items was not really matching the price tag and I didn't really see anything that made this collection stand out.

The only things I liked where these:

The Jumper is a very soft and cosy wool piece with the detailed seam visible.

I really like because it's not a turtleneck (I HATE TURTLENECK) design but still keeps warm that area and I' ve always been wearing this with big statement necklaces in contrast.

The leggings are made from a very soft and stretching Lycra, they are comfortable but most of all they really follow the shape of your body without creasing or worse, showing too much!

There is a big panel on the waist that can be worn up or folded down, again, it's all warm and cosy!

Now, this stupid blogger doesn't have a receipt so cannot tell you how much were these exactly, I kind of remember they were about £24-£29 each, which I believe is a fair price for two items I know I am gonna use a lot this winter.

It doesn't look like there is anything available online at the moment but you can still find something in sore, especially the coats, reason being, in my modest opinion, they are far too expensive and bloody heavy!

The next big H&M designer collaboration is gonna be the one with Isabel Marant in November.
I've seen the preview online but I cannot really see any good reason to wake up early and queue outside..but maybe that gold dress...ok, we'll see!



  1. Love that collection !
    i bought lovely chunky jumper
    perfect for Manchester weather hahha
    KIsses xxx

    1. I have got my eyes on a black cape but I wanna wait for sales. what do you think about the Isabel Marant collection?


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