Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Hello People!

Sunday, for me, usually means having nice and relaxed breakfast, indulging in a chocolate muffin, a cappuccino and reading Victoria's EBay Post.

The effort she puts into searching beautiful things for her readers is something that really makes her stand out in all the blogosphere and I really hope she will never stop publishing these kind of posts.

Today I want to share with you one of the things I did buy thanks to one of her recent EBay wish list.

Meet my new neon bag.

It's a clutch bag that probably fits more a summer outfit, but I couldn't resist the colour, the shape, the price, so here it is.

It's slightly bigger that a A4 paper, with a laser cut motif and a shoulder strap you can on the sides.

It's very well done and sturdy to come with such a cheap price; I payed less than £8 for the bag and the shipping, not bad at all...

I am gonna wear it with skinny and a black cape, Hopefully I will be able to take some pictures to show you.

This is the link to Victoria's post.

Now, I want to finish this post by thanking Victoria for always being so nice to me and to ALL readers, for always finding time to answer a comment, an email, a tweet, an ebay request, for writing her blog like she is talking to us as friends, for the passion and the effort she never fails to show.
I was really sorry to read about some recent event, but I am pretty sure, my dear Victoria, that you  realize it was only the single enviuos voice of a bully, you shouldn't even care about that.

Keep on being such a sweetheart, is the thing that you do best!
Having said that, my Adorable Dog has got something to say, I'll leave it to him.



  1. Gorgeous bag! love the neon colour and the lasercut... Gooooooo pug!!! ;D x


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