Sunday, 27 October 2013


Hello Beautiful People (if you are reading my blog, you must be)!

Back in September, when I came back from my holiday, my skin was really messed up by all the sun, salty water, messy skincare routine and hot and humid weather. Basically my skin needed rehab.

What a better time to try a new serum?

I had the pleasure to receive the new Biotherm Blue Therapy.

I have used this brand before, I remember a serum and a cream that were a dream come true for my skin when I was very stressed and break outs prone, shame they don't do those anymore.

The product comes in a glass bottle (love!!!) with a pump.

The first thing about this new launch that caught my attention was the "serum in oil" description.

As soon as I tried, it came pretty clear why there is such a description.

The formulation looks like a gel but when applied it melts into my skin with a consistency more similar to an oil, without the unpleasant feeling of greasy and oily residues.

It's very easy to apply all over, it doesn't absorb as soon as touches the skin (Estee Lauder Idealist, I am talking to you) and I need about two pea sized drops for all my face.

The most important ingredients are the Ulkenia, extracted from micro algae and used in skincare for the first time, ceramides and vegetal oils complex rich in anti-oxidants and you will be happy to know that is completely paraben free.

What does it promise? A fast and deep repair effect, reduction of wrinkles, protected and more luminous skin.

What it really did for me? Everything that it promised.

After using this for two months, I am totally satisfied with the results.

The most noticeable result is on the tone and the texture of my  skin: It's smoother, softer and more even. Pores are smaller and the dry areas I usually suffer with are much better.

It didn't cause any break outs and when I applied over some spots it helped to calm the irritations and to avoid dry patches.

I have used it as advised, at night time only, on clean skin, underneath my moisturiser, applying it from the centre of my face towards the outer parts.

Priced £44, I can totally recommend this serum if you want to treat your skin to something better than the usual serum.

You can find Biotherm in Boots, where the Sale Assistants are always very happy to help you find the most suitable product for your skin.

There is a new Biotherm moisturiser that came out soon after this serum, it may be my next purchase because at this point i am very curious to try more from this brand!

* press sample


Friday, 25 October 2013


Isn't it good when we can feel a little bit less guilty about all our shopping sprees?

This year, Primark goes pink and it does it for a good cause.

For every purchase of a pink item, 20% of the price will be donated to support the Breast Cancer Campaign.

These are some of the items on sale and being it Primark, you don't have to worry about the price tag.

I got this black t shirt, basically a statement for me.

Good thing, there is some pink for men too!

Find all the informations here and now go shopping for a good cause!


Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Nonsense words and pictures from
 a blogger that should be probably
 be working, cooking, cleaning, but prefers just not to...

Some more pictures from the even that, in case you didn't understand, has really pleased this blogger!

H&M windows

VFNO official t shirt

Delicious sushi at yo! sushi in the Arndale

Models in the Debenhams window

Spot the blogger!

The dress of my dreams, Mario Schwab

Nice things at Hervia Bazaar

Welcome to Spinningfield

The sexy Radley model


Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Welcome to the 126578th post about the Vogue Fashion Night Out held on the 10th of October in Manchester.

I know, I know, you have already heard, seen, read everything about it but you have to understand that for us, fashionistas buried inside the deep north, it was THE EVENT OF THE YEAR.

The truth is that I have never seen Manchester so beautiful.

The best selection of the English fashion pack was here to celebrate the famous Vogue even held once a year, usually in London, this year, incredibly, in Manchester.

The city centre was crowded like I have never seen before, with lights, decorations, parties and people, people, every kind of people, all over the streets.
Even God was so excited about it that, for once, didn't plan any rain.

the boohoo caravan parked just off market street with the newest collection inside

As expected, the big department stores and of course, the Arndale (the big shopping centre in the heart of the city, if you don't know Manchester) were massively involved.

After imposing my precious Husband to stay home with Precious Baby and Adorable Dog, my personal Vogue Fashion Night Out started with a meeting with fellow bloggers from Manchester Fashion Week and the Arndale Press team in the Yo Sushi restaurant, where surrounded by sushi we were informed by all the activities prepared for the night in the mall.

Picture taken from the Arndale Fb page
Nearly every single shops had something going on, with catwalks and dancers in the exchange court from different stores, showing the latest collections every 20 minutes.

The activities in the place were endless, I got a list of 4 PAGES with all the stuff going on, impressive isn't it?

All over the shopping centre there were competitions (one of the prize was a year supply of shoes people!), pods with free makeovers, photo shoots, discounts, goodie bags, drinks and music.

the Dior pod with  free makeovers in the Arndale

Heaven? Yes, probably. I had a good look around and I decided that, if next year there will be another event like that, I am gonna camp inside the Arndale.

There were a giant pair of red stilettos to take photos with in order to win a prize and the actress Sarah Jayne Dunn was there to celebrate the event.

After this meeting, I went home to leave Precious Baby (yes, he was with me at the press call and for the special occasion he wanted to be fashion so he was wearing a tieeeee!) with the Perfect Husband and I went back to town.

I really wanted to get my nails done in the Chanel pop up salon in Selfridges but when the manicurist is Sophy Robson you have to expect an endless queue so I passed.

Same problems for meeting Matthew Williamson in Flannels or listening to Francesca Burns (British Vogue fashion editor), I just couldn't wait there, I really wanted to see and do as many things as possible.

First stop was in Debenhams were I had the pleasure to meet Olivia, one of the personal shopper.
She showed me and Sally the dedicated changing rooms and explained everything about the personal shopping experience.

I wanna go more in depth about this great service so I will have a dedicated post soon.

On the ground floor every counter was offering makeovers and pictures with the outfit chosen for the night.

All the new collections were showed around and I can strongly recommend you to have a look to the special designer's collections in store, to get the most up to date fashion at a fraction of the price.

Second destination was for me Marks&Spencer, where DJ Mike Toolan from Key103 Radio was providing the soundtrack for stylist presentations, with personal shoppers going around the shop and drinks offered to all the visitors.

There are some ace pieces in the winter collection, as this orange wool coat and these prints I really like.

After browsing around the shop (have you ever seen the new beauty section in M&S? No? Big mistake, is amazing!) I went to the Hervia Bazaar party, held in the shop.

I probably went too late because to be honest, there wasn't a lot going on, apart of drinks, chinese snacks and music and a 10% off any purchase.
It was anyway nice to have a look around the quite unique designer pieces stocked there, as Carven and Holly Futon.

I was kindly given a sample of the Carven Eau de Toilette, one word: amazing!

If you are shopping online on the Hervia Bazaar website, you can use this code VFNO10 to get a 10% discount and it will be valid until the 31st of October.

I'll have some Givenchy thanks

After a quick visit to French Connection, that was enjoying clients with live DJ music and drinks, I threw myself in Selfridges. NEVER SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE.

There was music, makeovers, drinks, popcorn, candyfloss, but I didn't stop: I was a woman on a mission, and that mission was under the name of Louis Vuitton.

To celebrate the night, the boutique was offering the engraving service for free.

I had my beloved Neverfull bag with me so I had my initials hot stamped in gold on the handle. SO POSH.

After dreaming a bit whilst sipping my drink in this LV heaven, I went straight to House of Fraser where I met my lovely friends Sindy, Joanna, Ashleigh.

Of course House of Fraser (which is one of my fave place to shop in Manchester) was offering so many fun things to do, like Dior makeovers, photo shoots, special drinks tasting from Bem Brazil, a brazilian restaurant and a unique menu for the night, crafted just for the occasion by the famous chef Aldo Zilli,  in the ground floor restaurant, Cicchetti.

When going upstairs, it was nice to see this exposition of old Vogue's covers.

There were competition to win gift cards...should I go on?

Last stop for this poor, tired, but thanks God fitted with flat boots, blogger, was Emporio Armani in Spinningfield, were the party with live music station and drinks was in full swing.

This was a very bad move.

I have been looking everywhere for a fake fur jacket for this season. I found about 7 perfect REAL (insert scream here) fur jacket in this place in 10 minutes. Very very bad, too many temptations around this shop.

There were few celebrities spotted around town, here are the only ones I spotted: The Radley dogs!!

My night finalyy finished in the most glamorous way, eating a helaty burgher king happy meal at the tram station. Tres chic.

Final considerations?

Ok, I adored the way Manchester answered to this event.

I loved the billions of people around, the full party mood all over the centre and all the initiatives around the shops.

Some were better than others (some music in the corner and few drinks is not an event!), of course, and for certain events the queue was just unbearable, but I really hope the Vogue Fashion Night out will come back next year.

Manchester is ready!

Thank you so much to the Manchester Fashion Week  for the help and the support, to the amazing Press Team in the Arndale, Debenhams and House of Fraser.

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