Monday, 30 September 2013


Good morning!

As promised this is the review of the new L'oreal Paris nude magique bb concealer.

This is a "bb" concealer, so as the billion of "bb" products around the beauty market at the moment, we have to think that it contains ingredients good for our skin whilst helping to reduce dark circles and under eye bags.

One of the ingredients is caffeine, that should help to contrast dull and tired skin.

The formula is very liquid, good job there is a roll on applicator that helps not to pour too much product.

It comes in a single, universal shade that should fit every skin tone.

It blends well with the skin, I use a small duo fibre brush and it absorbs quite quickly but not too fast so i have the time to work with it a little bit and add some more if I want to get a bit more of coverage.

Here are some before and after pictures:



with concealer on
It works quite well but I won't use this concealer if you need to cover scars, big spots or very dark circles because It doesn't really show an intense coverage.

I use it to contour my face on the bridge of the nose and to cover some pigmentation areas but I probably will not purchase it again when finished.

The price is about £6 but there are offers around so it can work cheaper if you shop around.


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