Friday, 13 September 2013


Hello people,
I need your help!

My dear friend is going to New York in less than a week, luckY her, and of course I cannot miss the chance to give her a little shopping list.

Last time, I asked Vicky the same favour and she was so kind to buy these things for me.

My dear Vicky I will never thank you enough, especially for the Wet n Wild Comfort zone palette that I absolutely adore.

I was thinking about getting some Marc Jacob's make up but to be honest the packaging looks so cheap, especially for that price tag, that i rather wait to see the collection by myself to decide if it is worth all those money.

Any idea people?
Any advice will be appreciated, food, clothes, make up, everything!



  1. Tarte l'hai già messa in lista,vero?*_* E anche youngblood,no?*_*
    Uno che io toglierei -se mai l'avessi listata- è Kat Von D, ho odiato la sua palettina ç_ç

    1. Tarte? Cosa precisamente? ti diro' che entrambe le volte che mi sono trovata allo stand non ho preso niente.
      Niente Kat Von D allora...pero' io la sua palette la uso sempre!


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