Monday, 30 September 2013


Good morning!

As promised this is the review of the new L'oreal Paris nude magique bb concealer.

This is a "bb" concealer, so as the billion of "bb" products around the beauty market at the moment, we have to think that it contains ingredients good for our skin whilst helping to reduce dark circles and under eye bags.

One of the ingredients is caffeine, that should help to contrast dull and tired skin.

The formula is very liquid, good job there is a roll on applicator that helps not to pour too much product.

It comes in a single, universal shade that should fit every skin tone.

It blends well with the skin, I use a small duo fibre brush and it absorbs quite quickly but not too fast so i have the time to work with it a little bit and add some more if I want to get a bit more of coverage.

Here are some before and after pictures:



with concealer on
It works quite well but I won't use this concealer if you need to cover scars, big spots or very dark circles because It doesn't really show an intense coverage.

I use it to contour my face on the bridge of the nose and to cover some pigmentation areas but I probably will not purchase it again when finished.

The price is about £6 but there are offers around so it can work cheaper if you shop around.


Sunday, 29 September 2013


Hello Everybody!

What's better than a Friday night spend watching TV, munching sweets and cuddling Adorable Dog and Precious Son? Mmmm maybe munching dark chocolate..

Today I went to have my eyebrows done in Superdrugs and the aisles were full of new products launched for winter.

The first stand that caught my attention was the L'oreal one, with the new Foundation, bb powder and bb concealer.

I already owned all of them, cos powder and concealer were launched in Italy earlier this year and I asked a friend to buy the foundation in NY for me.

Now, next time I go back to Italy would you please remind me NOT TO buy any L'oreal make up?
I payed for the powder and the concealer the exact duble price, arggggg!

At the moment there are good introductory prices in Superdrugs and they are offering free shipping for online orders.

I will have 3 separate posts on all those products and a final one with pictures of all of them applied on my face.

Stay tuned!


Friday, 27 September 2013


A limited edition?

A red one?


This is the third year Vaseline comes out with a limited edition pot of the famous lip balm, so after the creme brulee and the pink bubbly ones, seen in the past two years, here we are with a new version.

This time it's called "Paint the town" and it's described as "petroleum jelly with a touch of rouge"

It has got quite a fruity smell and makes my lips very soft but if you are hoping to see any tint on your lips, well, forget it.

The red colour is very light, sheer to the point you will not see anything at all.

I bought mine in Selfridges for £3.49 and I think it can be a nice Christmas stocking idea...Oh no....I AM ALREADY THINKING CHRISTMAS!!!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Good evening ladies!

A quick post to share with you a great offer I found yesterday in Boots.

A free bottle of Nails Inc. will be yours by purchasing one Colgate Max White One Luminous toothpaste.

The shade is a gorgeous metallic red.

I applied two coats on these pictures, plus Orly top coat and i attempted a bit of nail art, with orrendous results I would say.

 The toothpaste is, apparently, one of the best whitening toothpaste.

Few people that used it told me they can really see a big difference after using it.

I use teeth whitening quite regularly so I like a toothpaste that helps me to keep a nice bright shade!

Priced only £3.99, the deal is pretty impressive considering a single bottle of Nails Inc polish usually  comes with a £11 price tag.

The offer is valid both in store and online.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Good evening, if good means rainy and cold!

So do we really want to talk about this product?

Why am I asking this?

Because this product is absolutely useless.

I gave it not one but two chances to show me some magic but in both cases it failed to impress me.

Launched just before summer and being this poor blogger constantly looking for smoothing treatments to tame her rebel hair, I bought it in Boots for something more than a quid.

The content of the little tube should be enough for one application if you've got long hairs, maybe two if you've got a medium - short length.

I religiously applied it as indicated at the back of the tube, you basically use it like a conditioner, rinsing your hair after 60 second.


Interesting question: Nothing.
I have to admit that my hair were not dull or bad or oily, but for sure I didn't notice any smoothness or softer texture.

Not the smallest difference than my usual result when I don't use conditioner at all.

The situation didn't improve after using my ghd: Nada, Nil.

I gave this product a second chance only because I found it in one of the latest glossy box, but the result (or should i say the non result) was the same.

I will never buy this again, so my endless research for a smoothing treatment that works goes on, any advice?


Monday, 16 September 2013


Hello everybody!

In this post I showed you some outfits and few of the items were picked up from Get the Label.

Today I wanna talk to you a bit more about it.

This website offers an impressive selection of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery from the most famous brands, with such a discounted price you will never find the same the shops.

Few months ago I was kindly invited to an event this on line retailer held at the 2022NQ, in the heart of the Northen Quarter in Manchester.

In between some very tasty food, cakes and drinks, me and other bloggers had the chance to touch with hands and have a good look around some of the items they sell.

I must admit I was very impressed about the some of the brands (see Converse, Lipsy, Adidas,Vans, Nike to name a few) and the variety of styles and clothes around.

There are  Men and Children sections as well, and the prices are all really competitive.

After literally drooling over the clothes, the accessories range fulfilled all my expectations, look at those Lipsy watches!

As mentioned before, there are some nice shoes on sale, heels, sneakers, pumps, a bit of everything really and the prices can make you think about buying more than one for sure!

We had the chance to style the gorgeous models going around and this is what I chose

 The new winter collection is full of nice coats, jumpers, sportswear and that pink number is first on my wishlist!

If you want to renew your wardrobe I can totally recommend a look on get the label!


Friday, 13 September 2013


Hello people,
I need your help!

My dear friend is going to New York in less than a week, luckY her, and of course I cannot miss the chance to give her a little shopping list.

Last time, I asked Vicky the same favour and she was so kind to buy these things for me.

My dear Vicky I will never thank you enough, especially for the Wet n Wild Comfort zone palette that I absolutely adore.

I was thinking about getting some Marc Jacob's make up but to be honest the packaging looks so cheap, especially for that price tag, that i rather wait to see the collection by myself to decide if it is worth all those money.

Any idea people?
Any advice will be appreciated, food, clothes, make up, everything!


Tuesday, 10 September 2013


You know when a day is gonna be a good one when it starts by winning an auction on for something on eBay at a bargain price.

That "something" was the Bobbi Brown Denim and Rose Palette.

This palette was launched as a limited edition last year but was too expensive for my pocket; of course I had to buy it when I found it on sale for less than £15.

The packaging is quite smart, with a hard case in denim and closed by a zip.

Inside we have got 1 Blush, 2 lip colour, 2 lip gloss, 4 eye shadows.

This is the look I realised, using gray denim as a wash all over my eyelid, pink granite on the crease,  dark rinse on the lower lash line and the blush called Pink Rose.

This is the eBay seller I used, he has got some good bargains if you are interested!

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