Thursday, 1 August 2013


Morning everybody!

How are you all doing?

I am in south Italy at the moment, enjoying some more weeks of holiday before coming back to Manchester.

Weather is crazy, I am melting, it's 40 degrees out there, not ideal if you've got a baby, so we are basically stuck home until sun goes down and we can breathe outside without roasting.

Today's post is about some swarovsky bracelets I bought on the last days of the sales in UK.

The Swarovsky shop is pure heaven and temptation for a bling obsessed blogger like me, and I try to avoid the unfriendly price tag by visiting the shop only during the sales.

The normal retail price is £39 but I managed to pay only £19 for each of these.

Silver frame with pink and baby blue crystals, very dainty but I love to wear them stacked with other silver charms bracelets I will show you sooner or later.

I had some bangles bought few years ago that were quite similar to these but their poor quality caused few damages to the clothes I was wearing all the time because the silver frame of the crystals was  sharp in some points and was pulling all the fabric.

This was not the case, surface is very flat and no clothes are shouting for revenge yet!

Here the link for the white crystal version

Any new bracelet you bought you wanna show me?



  1. Io non uso braccialetti ç__ç a dire il vero non uso accessori a parte gli orecchini che però cambio una volta all'anno. Forse .__.

    Se fossi una donna da bracciali però questo sarebbe il MIO modello, col polsino fino che ho è un piacere indossarli *_*

    1. Chiaretta!!!! entra nel club dei bangles addicted!


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