Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hello dears!

I am always curious about how do people use perfumes.

Do you stick to the same one or do you change it every day?

I was basically  “born in a scented word” , as my Mum use to say, because she had a perfumes shop.

Since I was a little girl I remember playing with hundreds of samples and vials and I was always the one rocking the new launches in school.

Unfortunately Mum closed her shop more than ten years ago so now, as every common human I have to buy my fragrances: I know, it’s a sad world…

I won’t deny I like to try new scents but my policy in the last five years has been : Stick to the one!

I like the fact that my clothes and all my wardrobe keep the same scent, I adore when people recognise me being in a room saying “I could smell your profume”!

In the past my “the one” was J’adore by Christian Dior but despite still loving it I had to drop it for two reasons:

* first, half of the female population of the planet uses it.

* second, when I met my Perfect Husband, he told me his mother was using the same perfume. Do you think I could bare the idea of him thinking about his mother when holding me in his arms? OVER-MY-DEAD-BODY.

So,I was on a mission of an urgent replacement and thanks to a little sample founded in Glamour magazine, I found it: enter Stella by Stella McCartney.

Love, love, love at first smell.

It’s an intense peony-rose smell, very floral based but in a sophisticated tone that stays on my skin hours and soaks my clothes as I like it to be.

I bought body cream and bath oil to give more resistance and strength to the fragrance, all well displayed on my bathroom shelves.

Since its first launch, different variations of the same fragrance have been realised, see Stella Sheer, Stella Absolute, and this summer this is what came out and I promptly bought!

The peony scent is still strong but is in a certain way, lighter.

The packaging is very summer-inspired, all colourful and bright, keeping the same shape of the bottle.

Priced £40, I got mine from Debenahms.

Next purchase will be probably one (all?) of the limited edition ones, same perfume but lovely designed bottles.

The only time I use other fragrances is when I travel,  it’s easy to throw  samples and vials in my make up bag, which is usually massive!

Now I wanna know what is your favourite fragrance for summer!

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