Monday, 12 August 2013


Hello everybody!

How do you write a review about a product that is, already, a legend?

This is what I asked myself when I received for consideration a pair of Clarks Desert Boots.

What could I say about these shoes that has not been already said?

Well, maybe I could try to explain why, in my opinion, these shoes are probably one of the most famous on the planet.

The Brand

The Clarks company was born in Somerset in 1825, when brothers Cyrus and James Clarks started to use the off cuts of sheepskin to fabricate slippers.
The success was huge and the brothers where the perfect symbol of the English economic growth of that times.

In the 1863 the company went from a 100% hand production to a factory production, increasing the power and the success of the brand that was now offering females shoes as well (yayyy!!!)

During the war Clarks resisted the shortage of raw materials and came back even more competitive in the fifties, opening new factories, shops, and using new materials and technologies.

In the latest years Clarks has moved the production overseas but keeps the English quality on all their products and workers conditions, something you will need to appreciate in the fast fashion era.

The Desert Boot

Born in 1949, launched in Chicago, are probably the most famous product of the brand.

The iconic sole is made by latex processed in sheets and cut, the rest of the shoes is suede.

Hands on if you've owned at least once in your life a pair of Clarks Desert Boots; hand on if all your friends and family have owned these boots. I could go on to neighbours, teachers etc..

In an era where clothes, shoes, bags etc are out of fashion soon after they hit the shops, there must be a reason why these boots are still up with the latest trends after all these years.

In my modest opinion, these could be the reasons..

  • They are comfortable: No crazy heels, enormous wedges. You can actually walk with these, they will not kill your feet. 
  • High quality materials:leather, suede, latex and a solid and consolidated manufacture. they will not fall apart after the first rain.
  • Simple design: is this the key behind the success of the most famous design pieces? The desert boots have that clean and neat shape that adapts to so many looks and trends.
  • No seasonal trend here: you can wear them in winter autumn spring and why not, summer.
  • Shape and materials have been renovated and re elaborated without changing completely the original boots, so they are a constantly up to dated classic.

    I got the Desert Boots in Dusty Pink and I couldn't be happier.

    It's the perfect peachy pink I am gonna wear it to death.

    I actually elaborated 5 looks you could wear these shoes with. You will find all the links.

    LOOK 1

    LOOK 2 





Romwe Ring (cannot find the same at the moment on the website) 

All these outfit can be completed by Desert Boots and as you can see they are quite different one from the others.
You can find all Clarks shoes in store nation wide or online here , the Desert Boots are in The Originals category.
And now a little consideration about the price: don't be fooled by imitation and look a like. All the ones that I saw and bought were horrible made with very low quality materials. This is the case when a slightly higher price (about £80) tag delivers the greatest quality.
I consider mine as a staple of my wardrobe.
  • Buy only Clarks Originals Desert Boots and if I can give you and advice check the website for the limited editions: I have got my eyes on the oxblood patent and the Eley Kishimoto ones that are actually half price!

    Bye bye!!!!!

    *product received for consideration



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