Wednesday, 17 July 2013


When I found out my Precious Baby was gonna be a boy, I can't deny I was a little bit disappointed at the idea of not buying that pink tutu dress I saw few days before in the Next's window.

To tell you the truth my disappointment was mainly because I WASN'T ABLE to wear that pink fluffy glittery piece without looking mental..but this is another story.

Let's face that baby girls stuff is so so so much better than baby boys range; I didn't lose my faith though! I keep looking around brands, browsing the web and local independent shops for clothes for my Precious Baby and I must say sometimes I am very satisfied with my hauls.

This is one of that times.

I bought all this stuff in the Trafford Centre in Manchester, whilst looking for his Christening dress.


No way to leave Selfridges without these.

They are made of elasticated cotton and look like little Converse shoes at his feet. They are so tiny!!!
I can foresee more colors of these coming.
They are priced £ 10 pounds in Selfridges (but I cannot find them on line), where I had to be dragged away from the baby Gucci jumpers..

After buying his little Christening gown I realise that pure white was not gonna stay white all day long so I wanted a second suits for the reception.

I saw this in Debenhams at it was love!

Isn't this adorable?

It's from J by Jasper Conran and it was only £ 6 in the sale. I am pretty sure I will buy more from this brand very soon, amazing sales for the cutest things ever.

You can find more information about Debenhams here.

It's 100% cotton and the little polo shirt underneath has a logo embroidered on the sleeve.

After relaxing a bit with a nutella pancake (will never understand how certain people can live without a daily amount of chocolate), I went for more shopping in Boots.

FIRST TIME EVER I came out of Boots without make up..but I found this!

Blue cotton shirt, white vest and pinstriped trousers: I believe he will use this for a quick aperitif with friends, just need matching sunglasses.

This was £ 9 in the sales. I must love these sales.

And now I wanna show you my fave purchase.


You know babies, they will always need a shirt with tie and waistcoat!

It was the only thing not in the sales, but I was more than happy to pay those £ 21 for this in Next.

Move off royal baby...

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