Monday, 15 July 2013


Hands up if you, like me, are a sucker for packaging.

If you put good packaging plus the words "limited edition" plus the genius behind Lanvin resurrection, aka Alber Elbaz and you associate all this with a well famous make up brand like Lancome, there is only one thing to do: BUY IT.

I have to say I am not a big Lancome fan me; I own a couple of lipstick and some skincare samples but that's it. I find it quite overpriced for the quality that delivers and the variety of products and few times I have been quite disappointed, so let's say is the last counter I visit when I am in any beauty hall.

I was anyway too curious about this collaboration, the "HYPNOSE SHOW" that as soon as I saw it on display in boots I had to swatch everything and I decided to give Lancome another chance and bought one of the eyeshadows palette and one of the mascara.

The collection includes four mascara ( Hypnose, Hypnose drama, Hypnose doll eyes and Hypnose star), three eyeshadow palettes (drama, stars and doll eyes), one fair of false eyelashes and three single eyeshadows (can you guess the names? yes! of course: drama, stars and doll eyes!).

What can I say? Love, Love, Love!

First of all the mascara: when the Hypnose came out for the first time, for the reasons explained above, I didn't even bother going to try it. Wrong, I was so wrong!

 The one I picked up is the Drama version, that promises full body and volume to your lashes.

And this is exactly what it does, ad it does it so well!

The curved brush is perfect to catch all my eyelashes and the small bristles are perfect to give volume and lenght without creating clumps.

If you slowly work it from the roots of your eyelashes till the ends with a side to side motion you will notice how a single coat is usually more than enough for a doll eyes result.

Priced £ 23, I really hope it doesn't dry out quick.

The palette I went for is the Doll eyes (priced £ 38) and includes 5 shades plus 2 applicators, a double sponge and a brush.

The sades are quite natural colours and they can be used dry for a sheer effect or wet for a more intense effect.

From the left you will find a perfect gunmetal shade, then in the middle from the top, a black, a grey and a light taupe and a pinkish white on the right.
My favourite shade has to be the one on the left, that fantastic taupe-aluminium colour is my go to recently, main reason I decide for this palette.

All the colours are on the shimmer side but I wouldn't say there are glitters involved here; there is a lovely light shimmer when the light catches the powders, very subtle sparkling that doesn't give you the "new year's eve look", making this palette perfect for every day look use.

There is a little leaflet that comes together with the palette with some mini tutorial about how to use the different shades that I found very useful.

This is the look I created following the instructions I found on the leaflet and on the website

Overall I am very happy about this haul.
Price tag is quite high, I know....
I will start to buy cheaper food for Adorable Dog.
Of course I am jocking, I would never do this to him
(* looks at Perfect husband's fillet steak *).


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