Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hello people,
just a quick post to share with you this amazing deal you can find on the Coastal Scents website until the 19th July.

I am pretty sure everybody knows this website, where you can find a good selection of eyeshadows, blusher and concealer palettes, natural skincare products, make up brushes and ingredients to do your own make up and bath products.

They offer the chance to assemble your custom palette, with an impressive selection of 377 single pot eyeshadows that can be arranged in their single, 4 ,12 or 28 places magnetic palettes, where
 you just need to pop your little pot in without any adhesive.

At the moment they've got an amazing offer, so you will only pay $ 0.95 per pot, that works about
£ 0.64: not bad at all.

I bought one empty palette and 6 eyeshadow pots earlier this year.

Together with my order they sent 4 little small pots as free gift, as they always do: I bought brushes and pigments before and they ALWAYS sent samples.

This is how the 12 pieces palette looks like ..

price $ 5.95

...and this is after I put the pots..

These are the swatches of the eye shadows:

(from left to right)

Dark Goldenrod (kind of greenish gold)
Deep Merlot (brownish red taupe)
Light Plum (light shimmer aubergine colour)
Frosty Taupe ( frosty sand colour taupe)
Chocolate Berry ( brownish purple)
Cherry chocolate (deep rich brown)

The size of the pans is the same than Mac and Inglot eyeshadow so I added my 3 Inglot eye shadows.

I am gonna place an order tonight, to fill that 3 empty spaces.
Every time you select a colour from the list and you go to that product's page, there is a description of the shade and of the finish.
You will not have a problem to find some good Nars and Mac dupes in between all this shades and the blogosphere is full of swatches posts and video about the hot pots.

I am very happy about the quality of those eye shadows and at this price it's a bargain!!

Here the link!

Let me know if you buy anything, I am curious to see swatches!


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