Saturday, 13 July 2013


If you want to know how to organise a party, call the Benebabes, because these girls really know how to do it!

We have to go back to a lazy afternoon in March, when I was 9 months pregnant and I was dying of boredom, I was spending my time in between the sofa, the bed, the sofa and then..ah, right, the bed, when few tweets caught my attention: Benefit was gonna have an event in Manchester.
Drin drin antennas were up!

Few tweets and emails after, thanks to the adorable Benefit team, I secured an invitation and I realise this was not an event, but was THE EVENT everybody was talking about, the Benefit Glamouriety!

The party was organised to celebrate the stunning success of the brand, started by the ambition and the fantasy of the two sisters Jane and Jean Ford that founded it and made it one of the most famous of the planet (seriously people, Benefit is EVERYWHERE!)

It was held at the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays and when I got there I couldn't believe how beautiful were all the Benebabes, all in their gala dresses, the elaborated hair and the make up looks, oh god the make up, like there is the need to tell you what this girls can do with make up! Compared to them I felt like an elephant wearing a bin bag.

We were served drinks and nibbles on the arrival, there was a photographer to take pictures and then the show began.

We were asked to go inside the theatre to watch a film that explain and describe the brand's history, how it all began, how it became so famous worldwide and funny episodes about it, like the stripper that asked for a tint for her nipples (here we go Benetint) or like an old farmer that is obsessed with Benefit's products and tries them all, with his wife's approval of course!

We were then introduced to the couple that brought Benefit in UK, oh thank you so much guys, you've done a brilliant job.

They were very proud to announce that Benefit is the second most sold brand in UK (first is Clinique), well done!

no need to introduce two of Benefit's best seller

After this came my fave part, when the amazing Nina introduced us to one of the most famous and talented make up artist in the world,  that was there to teach us the golden rules of the make up.

The amazing Gabby Best!!!

Here you can see the AMAZING results she had on Nina: I wish she had done my make up on my wedding day!

Of course it was a comedy show but was absolutely hilarious!

After this we were treated with some delicious food and music by Elle and the pocket bells, go and check their music out because they are absolutely lovely!


It was a fantastic night and I will never thank the fantastic Benefit team for having me!
Love you girls, kissssssss



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