Friday, 19 July 2013


This poor blogger was stressed, tired, bored, reduce to tears by crazy hormones, what to do, what to do to cheer her up?

Ahh dear old friend eBay, what would she do without you? How could she cope with everyday life?

All this to justify two little cheeky purchases: meet the rose gold bangles

Yes, I know, I know, they are replicas of Cartier' s famous design but I really didn't want to pay a fortune for the original ones so i am happy with these.

I have tried every angle and lighting, don't know why the rose gold tone doesn't really show well, anyway both these bracelets can be found in silver, yellow gold or rose gold.

I paid about £10 each and even if the seller I used doesn't stock them at the moment you will be able to find the same from other sellers ( try this one).

Both are quite sturdy and showed no damages or oxidation after 3 months I've got them and I use them a lot, really.

Next on my eBay wishing list are 134657893 statement necklaces (seriously people someone has to stop me, I just cannot stop buying them!) and 34578 Asian cosmetic products.

Good luck postman.

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Hello people,
just a quick post to share with you this amazing deal you can find on the Coastal Scents website until the 19th July.

I am pretty sure everybody knows this website, where you can find a good selection of eyeshadows, blusher and concealer palettes, natural skincare products, make up brushes and ingredients to do your own make up and bath products.

They offer the chance to assemble your custom palette, with an impressive selection of 377 single pot eyeshadows that can be arranged in their single, 4 ,12 or 28 places magnetic palettes, where
 you just need to pop your little pot in without any adhesive.

At the moment they've got an amazing offer, so you will only pay $ 0.95 per pot, that works about
£ 0.64: not bad at all.

I bought one empty palette and 6 eyeshadow pots earlier this year.

Together with my order they sent 4 little small pots as free gift, as they always do: I bought brushes and pigments before and they ALWAYS sent samples.

This is how the 12 pieces palette looks like ..

price $ 5.95

...and this is after I put the pots..

These are the swatches of the eye shadows:

(from left to right)

Dark Goldenrod (kind of greenish gold)
Deep Merlot (brownish red taupe)
Light Plum (light shimmer aubergine colour)
Frosty Taupe ( frosty sand colour taupe)
Chocolate Berry ( brownish purple)
Cherry chocolate (deep rich brown)

The size of the pans is the same than Mac and Inglot eyeshadow so I added my 3 Inglot eye shadows.

I am gonna place an order tonight, to fill that 3 empty spaces.
Every time you select a colour from the list and you go to that product's page, there is a description of the shade and of the finish.
You will not have a problem to find some good Nars and Mac dupes in between all this shades and the blogosphere is full of swatches posts and video about the hot pots.

I am very happy about the quality of those eye shadows and at this price it's a bargain!!

Here the link!

Let me know if you buy anything, I am curious to see swatches!


Wednesday, 17 July 2013


When I found out my Precious Baby was gonna be a boy, I can't deny I was a little bit disappointed at the idea of not buying that pink tutu dress I saw few days before in the Next's window.

To tell you the truth my disappointment was mainly because I WASN'T ABLE to wear that pink fluffy glittery piece without looking mental..but this is another story.

Let's face that baby girls stuff is so so so much better than baby boys range; I didn't lose my faith though! I keep looking around brands, browsing the web and local independent shops for clothes for my Precious Baby and I must say sometimes I am very satisfied with my hauls.

This is one of that times.

I bought all this stuff in the Trafford Centre in Manchester, whilst looking for his Christening dress.


No way to leave Selfridges without these.

They are made of elasticated cotton and look like little Converse shoes at his feet. They are so tiny!!!
I can foresee more colors of these coming.
They are priced £ 10 pounds in Selfridges (but I cannot find them on line), where I had to be dragged away from the baby Gucci jumpers..

After buying his little Christening gown I realise that pure white was not gonna stay white all day long so I wanted a second suits for the reception.

I saw this in Debenhams at it was love!

Isn't this adorable?

It's from J by Jasper Conran and it was only £ 6 in the sale. I am pretty sure I will buy more from this brand very soon, amazing sales for the cutest things ever.

You can find more information about Debenhams here.

It's 100% cotton and the little polo shirt underneath has a logo embroidered on the sleeve.

After relaxing a bit with a nutella pancake (will never understand how certain people can live without a daily amount of chocolate), I went for more shopping in Boots.

FIRST TIME EVER I came out of Boots without make up..but I found this!

Blue cotton shirt, white vest and pinstriped trousers: I believe he will use this for a quick aperitif with friends, just need matching sunglasses.

This was £ 9 in the sales. I must love these sales.

And now I wanna show you my fave purchase.


You know babies, they will always need a shirt with tie and waistcoat!

It was the only thing not in the sales, but I was more than happy to pay those £ 21 for this in Next.

Move off royal baby...

** this post contains a sponsored link


Monday, 15 July 2013


Hands up if you, like me, are a sucker for packaging.

If you put good packaging plus the words "limited edition" plus the genius behind Lanvin resurrection, aka Alber Elbaz and you associate all this with a well famous make up brand like Lancome, there is only one thing to do: BUY IT.

I have to say I am not a big Lancome fan me; I own a couple of lipstick and some skincare samples but that's it. I find it quite overpriced for the quality that delivers and the variety of products and few times I have been quite disappointed, so let's say is the last counter I visit when I am in any beauty hall.

I was anyway too curious about this collaboration, the "HYPNOSE SHOW" that as soon as I saw it on display in boots I had to swatch everything and I decided to give Lancome another chance and bought one of the eyeshadows palette and one of the mascara.

The collection includes four mascara ( Hypnose, Hypnose drama, Hypnose doll eyes and Hypnose star), three eyeshadow palettes (drama, stars and doll eyes), one fair of false eyelashes and three single eyeshadows (can you guess the names? yes! of course: drama, stars and doll eyes!).

What can I say? Love, Love, Love!

First of all the mascara: when the Hypnose came out for the first time, for the reasons explained above, I didn't even bother going to try it. Wrong, I was so wrong!

 The one I picked up is the Drama version, that promises full body and volume to your lashes.

And this is exactly what it does, ad it does it so well!

The curved brush is perfect to catch all my eyelashes and the small bristles are perfect to give volume and lenght without creating clumps.

If you slowly work it from the roots of your eyelashes till the ends with a side to side motion you will notice how a single coat is usually more than enough for a doll eyes result.

Priced £ 23, I really hope it doesn't dry out quick.

The palette I went for is the Doll eyes (priced £ 38) and includes 5 shades plus 2 applicators, a double sponge and a brush.

The sades are quite natural colours and they can be used dry for a sheer effect or wet for a more intense effect.

From the left you will find a perfect gunmetal shade, then in the middle from the top, a black, a grey and a light taupe and a pinkish white on the right.
My favourite shade has to be the one on the left, that fantastic taupe-aluminium colour is my go to recently, main reason I decide for this palette.

All the colours are on the shimmer side but I wouldn't say there are glitters involved here; there is a lovely light shimmer when the light catches the powders, very subtle sparkling that doesn't give you the "new year's eve look", making this palette perfect for every day look use.

There is a little leaflet that comes together with the palette with some mini tutorial about how to use the different shades that I found very useful.

This is the look I created following the instructions I found on the leaflet and on the website

Overall I am very happy about this haul.
Price tag is quite high, I know....
I will start to buy cheaper food for Adorable Dog.
Of course I am jocking, I would never do this to him
(* looks at Perfect husband's fillet steak *).


Saturday, 13 July 2013


If you want to know how to organise a party, call the Benebabes, because these girls really know how to do it!

We have to go back to a lazy afternoon in March, when I was 9 months pregnant and I was dying of boredom, I was spending my time in between the sofa, the bed, the sofa and then..ah, right, the bed, when few tweets caught my attention: Benefit was gonna have an event in Manchester.
Drin drin antennas were up!

Few tweets and emails after, thanks to the adorable Benefit team, I secured an invitation and I realise this was not an event, but was THE EVENT everybody was talking about, the Benefit Glamouriety!

The party was organised to celebrate the stunning success of the brand, started by the ambition and the fantasy of the two sisters Jane and Jean Ford that founded it and made it one of the most famous of the planet (seriously people, Benefit is EVERYWHERE!)

It was held at the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays and when I got there I couldn't believe how beautiful were all the Benebabes, all in their gala dresses, the elaborated hair and the make up looks, oh god the make up, like there is the need to tell you what this girls can do with make up! Compared to them I felt like an elephant wearing a bin bag.

We were served drinks and nibbles on the arrival, there was a photographer to take pictures and then the show began.

We were asked to go inside the theatre to watch a film that explain and describe the brand's history, how it all began, how it became so famous worldwide and funny episodes about it, like the stripper that asked for a tint for her nipples (here we go Benetint) or like an old farmer that is obsessed with Benefit's products and tries them all, with his wife's approval of course!

We were then introduced to the couple that brought Benefit in UK, oh thank you so much guys, you've done a brilliant job.

They were very proud to announce that Benefit is the second most sold brand in UK (first is Clinique), well done!

no need to introduce two of Benefit's best seller

After this came my fave part, when the amazing Nina introduced us to one of the most famous and talented make up artist in the world,  that was there to teach us the golden rules of the make up.

The amazing Gabby Best!!!

Here you can see the AMAZING results she had on Nina: I wish she had done my make up on my wedding day!

Of course it was a comedy show but was absolutely hilarious!

After this we were treated with some delicious food and music by Elle and the pocket bells, go and check their music out because they are absolutely lovely!


It was a fantastic night and I will never thank the fantastic Benefit team for having me!
Love you girls, kissssssss


Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I am gonna start this post with a confession: I could spend hours on you tube, pinterest, facebook etc watching nail art tutorials...but I have never been able to do a single one of them.

No matter how hard I try, it always look like I dropped few bottles of nail polishes on my fingers without any logical rule.

That's why I couldn't resist buying this false nails set from primark: one pound ladies, one little quid!

They come with a little tube of glue and an instructions leaflet and they are really easy to use.

You need to clean your nails first with polish remover, you choose the nails with the appropriate dimension, you put a drop of glue, press the nail on and that's it, you're done!

I put the one on my thumb upside down by mistake, oopss!

They stayed on for a couple of days and they can be used again, once you've removed all the glue.

I bought few other designs, have you ever tried them? Opinions?

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Nonsense words and pictures from
 a blogger that should be probably
 be working, cooking, cleaning, but prefers just not to...

Hello my dears!

How are you today? Are you enjoying this glorious weather?

Considering I am blogging sat on my patio, with a giant glass of coke and, drumroll please, I am wearing a skirt without wearing tights, I believe we can say I am definitely enjoying it.

So I have been away for a while, I spent 3 weeks in Italy to see my family and to introduce everybody the little one.

I am from a small city in the south of Italy (just where justin Timberlake got married, that guy has got good tastes) and my family owns a lovely beach house in a village on the coast, where I have spent all my summer holidays since I have memories of being on this earth.

It's a place where you won't find many tourists, mainly local fishermen around, but I love it just for this reason, no jam packed restaurants with crappy food, no screaming people on the beach etc.

It has been a very relaxing holiday, something I really needed to" recharge the batteries", my mum has spoiled me to death, we have been out for nice food nearly  every day (grilled octopus you will always have a place in my heart) and I managed to see few friends I was looking forward to introduce to my Precious Baby.

Spot the crab!

 After two weeks I went to Venice, my sister lives there so I spent few days with her and her family.

There is no need to tell you how beautiful Venice is.

It always feels like I am in a magic place when I am there, you won't find anything similar in the world (not even in Vegas, sorry dears): the buildings, the canals, the atmosphere are always breathtaking.

I am looking forward to my next holiday now, I will go back home at the end of the month, when I will probably melt on the beach and regret my rainy and wet England!

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