Wednesday, 1 May 2013


When it comes to shopping, there is a place that always surprise me with incredible finds, cheapest prices and an amazing variety of brands: this Aladdin's den is TK Maxx.

Every time I go there, I could stay hours going around the rails and my poor bank account is in serious danger.

I could tell you about so many incredible deals I found there, especially regarding brands that are not very famous in England but maybe very expensive in Italy, and we are talking about clothes, make up, accessories, home wear, everything!!

Last Sunday I went there looking for a new vase for the lounge..and of course I bought everything but the vase.

One of the thing I bought was a pair of sunnies.(avoid jokes about how useless are sunnies in this city thanks).

I was looking for this kind of shape since spotting something similar one on the beautiful face of Kourtney Kardashian, so it was a very lucky find.

The designer is Steve Madden, quite famous in USA, but I paid a very little price for this, only

I really like the cat eye shape and the brown frame, it's a vintage look that got me as soon as I tried them on.

If you are looking for nice sunglasses at a deal price I recommend you a visit to your local TK Maxx, and stay tuned for few more great purchases!



  1. Coool glasses! I love the shape and color!

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